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Product descriptions have the power to transform consumers’ attitudes towards a product. On the main online shop interface, images and names of products are all consumers have to influence a sale. Once your potential customer clicks on a specific product, it’s the product description that makes or breaks the transaction.

Ecommerce websites trust Amplihigher because we have written for hundreds of different businesses. Creating engaging, customer-focused product descriptions for your brand is a crucial component of the online sales process. If writing isn’t in your wheelhouse, outsource the work to a professional agency that guarantees actionable, results-driven product descriptions.

Brand-Appropriate Tone and Language

All great product descriptions intrigue potential customers. Writing boring copy will promote the image that your product is bland and won’t inspire anyone to take action. We prevent that from happening by adopting the language, humor, and sensibilities of your target audience base.

We spend the time researching what would work for your business by scrolling through product reviews, YouTube comments, Google reviews, and the literature of closely related industries to get a feel of your community. For instance, some beauty supply audiences will respond well to the scientific research behind products, whereas others respond to glowing customer testimonials.

Fine-Tuned Descriptions

We provide as much information as is necessary to make the purchase, such as weight, size, technological capabilities, or whatever your customers would want to know in advance of making their purchase. An itemized list of information about your product won’t make it pop out at customers; we take those skeletal visions of a product and spice it up with satisfied customer testimonials, videos, and images for a more visually appealing description. We create unique product descriptions that persuade your potential buyers to imagine how your product will instantly improve their lives.

Describing your product in human-centered terms has an equally potent effect. Evaluating the product in terms of everyday utility will convince your customer that the product will positively impact their quality of life. We relate your product to your customer’s lived experiences to focus the product on human qualities. For instance, clothing brands promote buying their new clothes and backpacks in preparation for new experiences, friends, parties, and other enjoyable aspects of our school years.

Our two-tiered editing process runs your content through our professional editors to double-check your content for incorrect spelling or otherwise problematic grammar. Descriptions riddled with sloppiness, redundancy, or obvious phrases will damage your reputation, so we guarantee copy that maintains a professional image.

Search Engine Optimization

Creating content that inspires leads to act on a purchase isn’t all we will do for your business. We also amplify your brand’s voice by increasing your organic internet traffic. We carefully refine your product descriptions to be search engine optimized (SEO).

By enhancing your website’s search engine results’ performance, our copywriting agency team can improve your product sales and increase your brand’s visibility. We enhance your brand’s outreach by formatting your copy around significant factors like internal and external linking, strategic keywords, quality content, optimized headings, and other organizational tools.

Our Professional Writers Specialize in Product Descriptions

Amplihigher’s professional writers are experienced in writing product descriptions for all types of products. Even if you sell unique products that can’t be found anywhere else, we’re confident we can provide stellar product descriptions for you!

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