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Strategic copywriting is the foundation of business success. Every word must be chosen for its potential to impact or influence your audience.  Our copywriting agency juxtaposes creativity and marketing psychology; that synergism is what propels your business forward.


Results-driven content gives you an edge over the competition. Find out why thousands of small businesses and globally-recognized brands rank Amplihigher among the best copywriting agencies.


The online marketplace is ever-evolving. Our copywriting services take an agile approach to content marketing so that your business cements its position in your industry. Partner with us and increase your online visibility.

Copywriting Services with Measurable Impact




We bring your ideas to life with vibrant, engaging, and impact-driven scriptwriting. Our copywriters have collective 40+ years of scripwriting experience with instructional videos, performances, radio advertisements, and other voiceovers that complement your marketing visuals.



Our team of senior editors restructures and conceptually re-work existing content until it is polished and publish-ready. Our comprehensive copyediting and proofreading process is multi-tiered, ensuring that the content meets your guidelines, and exceeds your expectations.

Product Descriptions

Product Descriptions

Behind every online sale is strategically crafted, sales-driven copy. Our product descriptions strike a balance between desire and necessity, establishing the authority of your brand. Our SEO content writers craft effective and innovative product descriptions in a brand-cohesive tone and voice.



Powerful social media copy generates leads and increases brand awareness. Our team understands the nuances of writing strategic social media copy for different platforms. Our social media copywriters create cohesive copy designed to captivate your audience, inspire interactions, and drive traffic back to your website.

Blog Writing

Blog Writing

Blogging boosts search engine rankings, establishes brand credibility, and engages your audience. One of the top content marketing strategies, blogging is short-form content designed for long-term results. Our expert copywriters excel in creating impactive, search engine optimized blogs for every industry.



Your advertisements are only as effective as your copy. Quality sales and advertising copy pairs necessity with desire, persuading your potential customers or clients without the hard sell. Our advertising copywriters create copy that builds trust, establishes credibility, and utilizes complex marketing psychology to generate leads.



We create web copy that converts. Your website is the digital front door to your business, and your customers’ initial impression is essential to retention. Captivating web copy transforms casual web browsers into loyal customers. Invest in success with professional web copy from an experienced copywriting agency.



Search engines look favorably on high-quality content, ranking content by readability, mobile optimization, keywords, and syntax. These elements are crucial to copywriting for SEO, but tedious to implement. Our copywriters construct creative content and apply SEO techniques that skyrocket your search engine rankings.



Establish your industry authority and amplify your marketing efforts by publishing an ebook. Businesses in every niche are using ebooks to collect data, confirm credibility, and generate leads. Our freelance copywriting team ghostwrite ebooks that entice your audience and reinforces your brand’s reputation.



To achieve desired results, press releases must be properly formatted and organized with only the most pertinent information. The information in a press release must be written specifically for your target audience in mind. Our copywriting agency team has years of experience in press releases that generate interest and awareness around brands within every industry.



We use Amplihigher to write our blog posts and the process has been seamless and easy. The content and writing quality is solid and their pricing is competitive! We highly recommend Liz and her team of writers!

Ginger M.
SEM Professional / LDD Consulting, Inc

I've worked with dozens of copywriters over the years and Liz and her team are the best! I know that no matter what I throw at them, they are up to the task, always providing unique, well-researched content that is optimized for search engines. The team at Amplihigher takes our content ideas and brings them to reality and is a dream to work with. Thank you!

Michelle O.
SEM Professional

Amplihigher provides us with high quality blogs on a monthly basis. They research each topic thoroughly, are very punctual with due dates, and overall a pleasure to work with. I wouldn't trust the task of value-added content creation to anyone else in the industry.

Jukka Jumisko
WSI Web Enhancers

Amplihigher is a lifesaver! We get monthly content for a variety of industries, and the articles are always exactly what we need. It's so nice to be able to rely on consistent, quality content every month! Liz and her team are accommodating, timely, and a pleasure to work with.

Kaitlin C.
SEO Professional

Liz and her team are amazing.  I've known her for years and have worked hand-in-hand on many projects, together, mostly companies that I own or have run for people.  I don't like most people.  I'm not running for any public-figure so I'm fine saying that.  That said, Liz is one of those people that always revives my belief in humanity through her hard work and amazing spirit.  Because of her, my business was able to stay strong, even during this Corona thing that we're going through, enabling me to protect the people and animals that I care about and keep things alive.  I wouldn't be where I am, today, without Liz.  That is an honest statement.

Colin Valencia

My practice has experienced exponential growth since we hired Amplihigher re-write our web content. I’m a doctor, not a writer, so I know what I wanted to say but not really how to say it. Their team turned our ho-hum website into something I’m very proud of.

Dr. Hughes

Great content all around. Anyone running a business knows blogging is one of the bigger parts of marketing but I’m so stretched for time. Having Amplihigher write regular blogs and social media posts for us has been great. Just one more thing checked off my list and I didn’t even have to do it myself. Bonus!

Joyce M.
Childcare Center Owner

I have been thoroughly impressed by the Amplihigher team. Regular blog posts have driven up my web traffic by over 500%. I intend on maintaining my professional relationship with Amplihigher as long as I am in business.

Li W.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to the folks at Amplihigher. We needed a copywriting agency to write content for our marketing clients while we focused on the bigger picture stuff. I am SO glad we found Amplihigher. The process has been entirely seamless and the content is above expectations every single time.

Kate J.
Marketing Agency Owner

Amplihigher has helped us maximize our outreach. Liz and her team are professionals to the core.

Mark S.
Marketing Agency Owner

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