The goal of advertising is to drive conversions and increase your profits. Businesses achieve this by targeting potential leads with advertisements that seek out relevant keywords, intuitively pop up for users based on search history, or are placed in beneficial contexts, like in YouTube videos or on websites.

Advertising isn’t all graphics and visual stimulation; the ad copy behind the message markets your product and produces real results. When you want to encourage your audience to click through to your website, or buy into a product, schedule an appointment, or any other action you want from them, you want professional ad copy.
Ad copy might seem deceptively simple, but that is because good ad copy can go unnoticed. It is sharpened with the precise intent of converting onlookers into consumers. Most of the time, advertising is a covert operation, and the leads don’t consciously realize they’ve been persuaded by effective copy.
Our writers have spent years honing their persuasive writing skills, and know exactly how to elevate your brand’s messaging. With years of professional experience, our talented team of writers will have your advertising content ready for immediate implementation.


Converting users to increase your bottom line is the purpose of advertising. Businesses that pay for professional copywriting services generate more effective advertising that persuades those potential leads to take a particular action. At Amplihigher, our field experts have mastered the different techniques for encouraging that kind of behavior.
For instance, first impressions always matter, which is valid for the heading and first line. From the start, ad copy has to maximize what limited time frame and attention they will receive from your audience. Numbers, statistics, and quotes are practical applications of this concept. Users who know precisely how much money they will save on a product will be more tempted to buy the product.
Additionally, that first line should effectively establish a context for your product. Marketing your product without mention of its purpose or how it improves the user’s life will not get you far. Positioning the product in user-centered terms will generate enthusiasm around your product. We don’t sell an object; we sell the experience of owning that object.
Powerful emotional content encourages action unlike anything else. Clickbait is an example of taking emotional content too far, but it certainly does appeal to users. After reading that enticing lead, they feel compelled to visit your site. Anything inspirational, infuriating, hilarious, or otherwise spurs a response takes time to develop but works exceptionally in advertising.
Finally, your advertisement should contribute value-added content to your consumers. Exceptional content is the lifeblood of your advertising campaign, believe it or not. We study your audience so that your content adds value to those communities. More than just speaking like them, they respond well to a brand that wants to help them with their problems. Good ad copy cuts through the noise and establishes how that product will make their life better.

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We have more than forty years of industry experience and have written thousands of words for hundreds of companies. We clear all of our challenges to a degree of excellence because we believe in your company as much as you do.
Developing professional, high-quality content is as essential for your business as it is for ours. We’ve developed a high-powered multi-tiered editing process that catches grammatical errors, plagiarism, unnecessary wordiness, content issues, and more.


Audiences will click on your ad when they feel like they have something to gain. Appealing to what they need or desire is a concrete way to attract their attention. By posing a problem or a question, or even cutting straight to the purpose of the product, your audiences will be compelled to buy into your brand.
Every ad requires a different frame of mind crafted around your target market. Your audience can’t be condensed into an archetype, but your product serves a particular community better than others. The geographic location, age range, gender, and more demographic traits all affect your ad copy’s tone and content.
At Amplihigher, we have written for thousands of different businesses and their respective audiences. We understand that adapting to your audience’s language, insider information, and relevant cultural references will generate an organic bond. We take the crucial first step of knowing who we’re talking to, because writing with a specific community in mind produces real results for your brand.


Amplihigher is a copywriting agency staffed with industry-leading writers, researchers, editors, ghostwriters, and search engine optimization geniuses. Contact us about your business and your needs, and we will exceed your expectations for what an agency can do for your brand.


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