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Creative Agency Content Partnerships

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Creative Agency Content Partnerships

We partner with creative agencies worldwide to provide copywriting services that fit the needs of their clients. Working as a direct content partner with marketing professionals, search engine optimization strategists, and advertising agencies, our copywriting team provides all necessary copywriting for your clients’ digital strategies.


How Does a Content Partnership with Amplihigher Work?

We have simplified the process of content partnership. When you choose Amplihigher as your content partner, we work with the organizational structure that works for you. Whether you prefer to request content via your internal project management software, Google Drive, or directly via email, our copywriting agency works around what works for you.

Once you request your content, our team of editors assigns the content to the writer who is best suited to your content requirements. The writer works within your deadline to research your client’s current voice and tone, competitors, and industry prior to writing the content. Once written, the content goes through a rigorous two-tier editing process to ensure that content meets your specifications as well as meets the highest quality standards. Content is then returned to your agency, publish-ready. Your agency is invoiced once monthly for all content written during that month. 

Our copywriters work with your team members; we never communicate with your clients unless specifically directed to do so. Additionally, we routinely sign non-disclosure agreements that protect both you and your client. 

How Does Amplihigher Ensure Quality?

Apart from our two-tier editing process, our copywriting agency team ensures the quality of content by holding our writers to the highest quality standards. We require our writers to not only possess skills necessary for engaging content writing but also have the capability to perform deep research from reputable sources and have an understanding of search engine optimization.

In addition to our stringent quality standards, Amplihigher offers a no-plagiarism guarantee. We often receive requests from companies who have hired freelance writers on popular gig-writing sites that have received subpar and often plagiarized content. We understand the frustration of the trial-and-error method of finding a skilled writer. With Amplihigher, we take the stress out of sourcing quality writers to partner with your agency.

Content for Every Industry and Niche

At Amplihigher, we like to refer to ourselves as, first and foremost, research writers. While every member of our copywriting agency team works within different specialties and niches, our writers have been selected for their keen abilities to research and write content on virtually any subject matter. 

Our team has written for thousands of clients in every imaginable industry – and we love the challenge. If you have a highly specialized niche, and are in need of top-quality content for your brand, get in touch with a member of our team and let us know how we can help you.

Getting Started 

Our success is based on your success and the satisfaction of your clients. We pride ourselves on reliability and consistency so that a content partnership with Amplihigher remains a seamless process. With any questions or to partner with us, contact a member of our team.


Partner with us

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