How to Use Punctuation in Sales Copy

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Punctuation That Packs a Punch

Written by Kenny Ng

The purpose of punctuation is to make copy flow more naturally. 

Punctuation affects everything from the writer’s credibility to the overall tone and voice of the content. Failure to punctuate appropriately leads to misinterpretation and appears unprofessional.

Strategically applying and diversifying the punctuation in your sales copy will increase readability and authority, leading to an increased conversion rate.

Sales Copy Punctuation Tips

Implement Commas Correctly

Commas indicate pauses and opportunities for small breaks. Use commas to separate words in a series of three or more items. A common misuse of commas is the failure to include them after introductory clauses or phrases, creating sloppy writing and confusion for the reader.

Encourage Retention with Properly Placed Periods

Give readers a chance to reflect on what they’ve read. When you choose punctuation wisely, you control the tone, flow, and voice of the content. 

Understand the Ampersand

An Ampersand is a logogram meaning “and,” appearing in text as the symbol “&.” Avoid using an ampersand in a sentence. Keep sales copy professional by keeping ampersands only where they belong – in titles and headings.

Know when it’s Appropriate to Hyphenate

Hyphens to link words together: For example: out-of-pocket. 

Use hyphens when expressing estimates and spelled-out fractions. Correct usage of hyphens make sales copy flow more smoothly and improves the overall quality of your writing.

Don’t Overuse Exclamation Points

While it is essential to show urgency in your sales copy, littering it with exclamation points can appear desperate or insincere. Not to mention, the use of exclamation points will be flagged as “scammy” by Google and will result in ad disapproval.

Avoid the Apostrophe Catastrophe

Incorrect usage of apostrophes is many people’s biggest pet peeve. Not fully understanding when or how to use an apostrophe can destroy your credibility and weaken your brand’s reputation. 

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