Do You Have a Defined Brand Voice?

how to define brand voice from amplihigher copywriting services

Brand voice creates brand identity

Establishing a brand voice is an essential foundation when building your business. It takes deliberate action to choose how you communicate on behalf of your organization. Defining your brand voice takes a savvy business mind to decide whether a formal or social tone will vibe with potential consumers, and what tone and language you want associated with your brand.

The thing about brand voicing is it may seem natural. Large corporations do not appeal to a particular community so they often adopt a blank brand voice, but smaller companies need to be more inventive. The voice of your brand is crucial to forging relationships with consumers. 

Amplihigher copywriting agency provides consultation and writing services to help craft content in your unique brand tone. Our freelance copywriters tune into your audience’s values and language to create authentic communication that builds bridges between you and your target markets.

Communicate your values

A significant consideration when perfecting your brand voice is to understand what you and your audience values. This can mean many different things for different industries. For instance, beauty industries can tap into their client’s interest in luxury and self-care by promoting their commitment to luxury. Plumbing businesses can tap into their client’s needs to protect their families, property, and investments. 


Your product’s bottom line is that your consumers want to know how it will improve their lives. The first rule of copywriting is contextualizing your value to your consumers and communities forges connections, which results in brand-loyalty.

Align your language with that of your audience

Sharing the same values is not enough to establish brand loyalty. Trust is everything with consumers, and you have to earn that by communicating with them directly. Engage with your audience in language suitable to their knowledge base and colloquialisms to give you an edge over competitors. 

Focusing on these critical details will maximize your brand’s outreach:

  • What is the level of my audience’s general knowledge?
  • What is their relevant, industry-focused knowledge?
  • What are consumers saying about my competitors?

Maximize your authenticity by staying relevant

Once you have created a unique voice that communicates your values and authenticity to your consumers, you want to ensure that it remains consistent. This means creating a consistent amount of content that keeps you relevant to your consumers. Consider current events and topics that keep your audience engaged and contribute to the conversation. It is not enough to just sound like your audience; your content has to resonate with your audience.


Hire a copywriter

At a certain point, it becomes difficult to run your business while keeping up with the demand to write consistent, engaging content. Promoting your business will generate more consumers who want your goods or services, which means more work on your plate. Hiring a copywriter to handle the product of your content will ensure consistent content that conforms to your desired voice. Additionally, copywriters have SEO and research skills, on top of innate writing abilities.

When looking for a copywriting agency to handle your brand’s messaging, you want expertise on your side. Our freelance copywriters have decades of combined experience in various niches that make us simultaneously generalized or specialized, depending on your business’s needs. We have the finest copywriters, editors, ghostwriters, and search engine optimizers stacked in our 

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