Why Understanding Your Demographic Matters

Demographic Variables that Affect Your Digital Marketing

Demographic Variables that Affect Your Digital Marketing

Take a moment to picture your target consumer.

What comes to mind? Perhaps you thought of where they live, how much money they make, or how old they are. All of these indicators (gender, geographic location, socioeconomic status) are known as demographics. Demographics are the external characteristics of a group of people that influence their behavior. 

In business, pinpointing key consumer demographics are essential in understanding what, when, and how to market to your audience. As a whole, it is important to keep in mind the demographic variables that affect your digital marketing to ensure that you’re connecting with the right individuals for your product or service.


What are the Demographic Variables that Affect Your Digital Marketing?

Age Range and Generation

Depending on the age or generation of your audience, there may be a great variety of interests and responses to digital marketing. Your consumer’s age can imply what digital platforms they engage with, how long they are spending online, and the type of advertisements that resonate with their interests and belief systems. For example, younger audiences are some of the most social media savvy consumers (on Instagram alone, 90% of users are under 35), while older audiences are typically found in other digital spaces. 


The geographic location of your consumer can play a role in their interests. In a large country, there are stark differences between the states and regions that make up a nation. Cultural differences, climate, and the general popularity of certain products in a location can impact someone’s purchasing behavior. Make sure that marketing is targeted to the geographic location that actually wants your product. Be mindful of the vernacular that is popular within the consumer’s region that you are trying to target. 

Socioeconomic Status

Someone’s income dictates what they can afford to buy and what their community might care about buying. Those with higher incomes might have more budget for big-ticket items, vacations, and designer goods, while lower-income individuals might be more intrigued by marketing that highlights discounts and sweet deals. It is essential to keep these differences in mind, for marketing something much too expensive for a consumer might alienate them from your brand. 

Level of Education

The consumer’s level of education can also dictate their purchasing behavior and consumption. For example, consumers with higher education levels might seek out higher-paying jobs or more prestigious career sectors, thus seeking out more expensive goods. On the other hand, those currently in school may be on tighter student budgets and have a different set of interests and purchasing needs that play a role in the success of digital marketing tactics. 


Your Audience Demographics Matter!

As a whole, it is essential to be cognizant of the demographic variables that affect your digital marketing. This will ensure that you are effectively tailoring messages to the audiences you want to reach. Investing in market research is a great way to find your unique consumer demographics. This includes sending your consumers surveys and using digital and social media analytic tools.


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