Content Marketing: A Simplified Explanation

what is content marketing

How Effective Content Marketing Can Give You an Edge Over Competitors

Paid advertising, brochures, point-of-sale pieces, and other types of sales collateral are traditional marketing elements that attempt to influence consumer behavior by highlighting how product-specific attributes are tied to consumer benefits. 

Taking a different approach to driving sales, content marketing can build interest in a brand by educating consumers, becoming a credible and authoritative industry voice, and working to earn targeted audiences’ trust.

Content marketing offers useful and valuable information to consumers, even when the product itself is not the center of attention.

Have you ever heard of the Michelin Guide? It was first published in 1900 to provide travel information to motorists, but the Guide didn’t talk about Michelin’s tires. An early example of content marketing, Michelin didn’t need to mention its product. By establishing Michelin as an expert authority on road travel, the company hoped that readers of the Guide would choose their brand of tires when they needed replacements.

Today, most content marketing makes reference to the brand or product in a closing call-to-action. But a hard sale is not the goal of the content marketing that you may see in blogs, eBooks, infographics, videos, or webinars.

Content marketing seeks to provide interested audiences with information they won’t find through traditional marketing approaches. It requires a skilled content writer to call attention to these pieces in an increasingly competitive content environment.


Content Marketing Sounds Like a Lot of Work. Is it Worth the Effort?

Here’s two good reasons companies invest in content marketing: 

1. Content Marketing Can Reach the Audiences who are Searching for the Products and Services You’re Selling

Consumers who are seeking information about a product or service are likely to make a purchase eventually. They may not be ready to buy right now, but the information uncovered in their searches could persuade them to move closer to the brand as they go through the decision-making process. If you want to make sure that those searching will find your brand, you’ll need to rank high on search engine results pages (SERPs).

A high-ranking position on a SERP requires a mastery of SEO, including inserting the most relevant keywords into your content. A copywriting agency skilled in SEO writing can optimize your content by organically inserting your keywords. Optimized content – along with other more technical practices that help SEO – will significantly increase the chances that your content ranks high on SERPs.


2. Content Marketing Can Capture Audience Data

You’ve drawn motivated searchers to your site, but now you must keep them engaged. You’ll want these people to return for more content, and when they do, you can compel them to fill out a form or become subscribers. You can then contact these leads with more product information to move them through the sales funnel. The added benefit of consistently turning out useful information is that some of your readers may become brand advocates and do some of the selling for you.


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