7 Reasons to Hire a Professional Editor

7 reasons to hire a professional editor

Why You Should Hire a Professional Editor

We live in a fast-paced society where efficiency is rewarded. We expect same-day delivery and get frustrated when downloads don’t fill our screens immediately. Along this same track, we’re expected to write so that people can quickly understand our document and come away with a solid grasp of its message. 

But just because we’re often confronted with speed readers who scan our work rather than savor each word, that doesn’t mean we can get away with sloppy writing. Typos, bad grammar, and poor construction always manage to stand out. If your reputation is on the line (when isn’t it?), hiring a professional editor can be a career-saving move. 

7 Ways You’ll Benefit From Hiring a Professional Editor

1. Get Help Even Before You Start Your Project

Many editors are subject experts and can give you guidance on your project while it’s still in development. If you’re wondering if you’re on the right track or you’re trying to figure out exactly how to present your arguments, an editor is a good ally to have.

2. They’ll Help You Communicate Your Ideas More Clearly

An editor’s job is to help you communicate your message in a way that’s easy to understand. Don’t worry that an editor will rewrite your work; an editor will simply clarify it – it will still sound like you.

3. Editors Are Good With Words

Even if you own a thesaurus (or have bookmarked one online), it’s not always easy to find the word that best represents what you’re trying to say. Editors will be able to select the words that work best for the concept you’re trying to express.

4. Get a Professional Unbiased Opinion

Do you want an honest opinion about your work? Then don’t give it to your mother or your assistant to read. Not only are editors professionally trained to evaluate your writing, but they’re also going to give you objective feedback.

5. Fresh Eyes, Sharp Mind

After looking at your document for hours, do you begin to question it and wonder if any of it makes sense? Before you put your finger on the backspace key and start deleting your sentences, hand your document to an editor who will be able to tell you what needs to be reworded or reworked. 

6. Save Time – For You and Your Staff

Not only will an editor do a better job that you will when it comes to objectively evaluating your writing, but he or she will also save you the countless hours you’d probably spend obsessing over your work. And even though it’s tempting to get your subordinates to proofread your document for typos, isn’t their time better spent doing the work they were hired to do?

7. Editors Know Best How to Use Imperfect Editing Software

There are several free and paid proofreading and editing software apps available, but even the best ones can offer poor guidance, due to the  limitations of artificial intelligence. Editors may use these tools in the editing process, but they’re knowledgeable enough to know when to trust their own judgment rather than an app.

Why Choose Amplihigher to Edit Your Writing?

Our copywriting agency consists of writers and editors who can masterfully choose the best words to express your ideas and improve the structure of your writing at both the sentence and paragraph level. Contact us to learn more about our professional editing services.