Why You Should Ditch Freelancer Platforms

the problem with freelancer platforms

The Problem with Freelancer Sites 


The text for content used throughout your digital marketing and internal communication efforts is key to effectively communicating your message. It is a time-consuming task that many companies farm out to freelance copywriters.

Popular online freelance sites offer job listings and boards for a variety of jobs and projects, while a copywriting agency provides consistency in volume and quality.

What’s Wrong with Freelance Platforms to Find Freelance Copywriters?

Freelancer platforms sound ideal for small businesses in need of content to fill their websites and get them noticed on Google and other prominent search engines. These large outlets provide you access to a community of writers eager to land that next job or project. However, unlike using a copywriting agency that screens, trains, and manages teams of professional web content writers, you have to screen and interview the writers and trust they will come through with quality content that meet your standards and objectives.

Common problems with using freelancer platforms rather than a copywriting firm to find quality freelance copywriters include:

The Fees

Freelance outlets often charge exorbitant fees to both you and the writers. Instead of paying directly to the writer, these platforms double dip and take a good percentage of your payments and also a portion of what the writer makes. This might not mean too much for one-time projects or individual writing assignments, but over the long term these fees add up and the only party that seems to be making any money is the platform itself.


Many of these freelance writing sites have multi-year contracts built into their terms, requiring you to continue paying their fees and following their restrictions for up to two years before you can hire those freelancers directly. That means that when you are able to find a writer you like you will have to continue hiring them through the platform or run the risk of severe penalties and fines.

Quality, Consistency

This assumes you can find a writer with the talent and experience to consistently provide quality work. There are no writing tests or other criteria to show that freelancers who sign up on these platforms can actually write, let alone whether they can adapt their writing to your needs and style. Hiring a freelance copywriter from a freelance platform also runs you the risk of receiving plagiarized content. You are unable to verify whether the person can write until they do, and then it can be too late. 

When you hire writers through a copywriting agency instead of a freelancing platform, you can guarantee you are hiring qualified, experienced professional writers.

Spam, a Lot

On freelance sites, you often have to wade through a high volume of spam and fake ads. These sites are enormous digital communities that are not or cannot be properly monitored and filtered for misleading or downright deceiving ads that have nothing to do with getting quality writers for your website and social media properties.

Poor Dispute Resolution and Customer Service

The bottom line is that freelancer platforms are not interested in resolving your conflicts or providing quality customer service for you or the writers you hire. Taking the time and effort to make sure all disputes are handled is not in their best interests. It is ultimately a matter of trusting you will get the work that you are paying for from a total stranger with not verifiable credentials.

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