The Best SEO Tools And How They Stack Up

What SEO Tools Are Worth It?

SEO or search engine optimization is critical in the internet visibility game. It’s literally how your customers can find you! But with a whole marketplace of tools to choose from, how can you know what SEO tools are worth it? 

Let’s take a look at the who’s who of SEO.


Semrush is a user-friendly and comprehensive SEO software suite for boosting your search engine visibility. From link analysis and organic research to social media audits and pay-per-click ads, Semrush can help you deploy a complete digital marketing strategy. 

Their platform will help you gain valuable insights into digital marketing and provides templates to help you write better marketing copy. Semrush can help you track daily rankings, check up on your competitors, examine backlinks, run technical SEO audits, and help you discover more relevant keywords.

Is Semrush Worth It?

Yes! Semrush offers monthly plans for one user starting at $119 all the way up to $449, or $99 to $374 if you opt to pay annually. Add $20 per month to any plan for local SEO-specific targeting. 


Beyond simple SEO optimization, Userway is a widget that automates website accessibility so you’re operating in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Website accessibility includes enhancements like font and text size optimization, color contrast, content formatting, easily digestible design, read-aloud text, and content moderation. 

Access optimized websites are candy to search engines. These enhancements are essential for inclusive shopping and consumption as well as avoiding lawsuits related to a lack of compliance. 

Is UserWay Worth It?

Is avoiding a lawsuit and automating something you have to do anyway worth it? Yes. You can implement UserWay for as little as $49 a month or as much as $490 per year. 


Ahrefs is a powerful SEO platform and one of the largest website crawlers online. This tool can help you run a backlink analysis, perform keyword research, discover content gaps, track your rankings, compare to your competitors and keep all your data in one dashboard. 

Discover thousands of keyword suggestions from more than just Google, dig up competitor backlink data, audit your own website for optimization, and track your progress, all with Ahrefs. 

Is Ahrefs Worth It?

Not unless you have deep pockets. Ahrefs is extremely powerful but that also means it comes with a fairly steep price tag. Their cheapest monthly plan is $99 but is more of a decoy option as it doesn’t come with all the fancy features. 

The standard plan starts at $179 if you pay monthly, or $1,790 if you pay annually. They also offer advanced and agency packages that range from just under $4,000 to as high as $10,000. 


KWFinder is an SEO keyword tool that helps you discover long-tail keywords with less search competition. In addition to learning a ton of new keywords, this service also helps you run analysis reports on backlinks and Search Engine Results Pages, easily ascertain your ranking, and track your improvement.

KWFinder will help you evaluate the suggested long-tail keywords with your desired phrases and how they stack up by comparing volume, difficulty, and CPC. This allows you to target more common or vanity keywords in addition to phrases that have higher conversion potential. 

Is KWFinder Worth It?

Yes! If you are in a highly competitive market, capitalizing on those lower frequency, long-tail keywords could have a huge impact on your search engine rankings. Their most sensible plan comes down to $40 a month if you pay annually for $349 per year. 


Ubersuggest is a keyword and website tracking tool that helps you evaluate the SEO health of your website. The domain overview for any website shows how many organic keywords were searched, how many paid keywords, the total amount of traffic and how much was organic, and the total amount in paid ads, all over a 30 day period. 

You can also discover what pages are ranking for your competitors for which organic keyword phrases and what’s being promoted by social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. Ubersuggest also suggests a list of new keywords to try based on organic, intention-based searches.

Is Ubersuggest Worth It?

Cursory, infrequent searches are free but if you want the comprehensive features, you’ll need a subscription. Contrary to his pricy competitors, Neil Patel is offering lifetime pricing for as low as $290, $490, and $990, depending on your needs. You only pay once. 

If you’re not ready to commit to a long-term relationship with Ubersuggest, the monthly pricing starts at $29 and goes up to $99 for their agency model. 

You don’t need all of these tools! Pick one or two that best serve your needs and just start implementing! Never have to think about what SEO tools are worth it again!