What is Evergreen Content?

what is evergreen content?

What Is Evergreen Content And How Can I Create It?

Blue jeans to the fashion world is what evergreen content is to the marketing world. Like the name might suggest, evergreen content is content that is “forever green,” or forever alive and relevant to your target audiences of the past, present, and future. 

What Is Evergreen Content Vs. Fleeting Content? 

Evergreen content is the blogs, articles, and multimedia content on your website that remains beneficial for consumers to engage with at any time. Evergreen content’s topic relevance should not be affected by the time of year, industry landscape, or the current products or services that you are selling. 

Some of the most successful types of evergreen content across the board include: 

  • In-depth informational pieces about a topic of your expertise
  • How-tos and step by step guides
  • Brand FAQ’s, case studies, and customer testimonials 
  • Historical timeline based posts
  • Data-driven articles with statistics relevant to any time period

On the other hand, some of the features of content that is not-so evergreen include:

  • Content that is focused on limited edition products
  • Seasonal-based content and product posts
  • Clickbait titles on trendy news topics
  • Statistics or reports only pertinent to the year an article was posted

The Benefits of Evergreen Content

It might be tempting to latch onto the mindset of posting whatever trendy content is most popular in your industry at the time, but this tactic will not suffice for long-term growth and sustainability.

Four pros that evergreen content brings any marketing strategy include: 

Guaranteed Link Building

Backlinks are when your content’s link is housed on another blog or website page, and works wonders for building your reputation and credibility. As evergreen content is generally more educational and information-driven in nature than trendier topic, it has a greater chance of building quality links across other websites. 

Increased SEO and Site Traffic

The more evergreen content you put out, the more site traffic you’ll see. Since evergreen content has valuable information and strategic keywords for any time period, there is a greater likelihood that it will rank highly on search engines to be viewed by consumers inquiring about its topic. 

Time Saver

The pressure surrounding content creation is immensely lowered when you focus on the quality and longevity of your work over solely quantity. All of the hours and effort allocated to numerous posts could be cut if you focus on repurposing and crafting only the content that will matter most in the long-run. 


The ROI on long-lasting content is inevitably better than content with a shorter shelf life. The numerous consumers that evergreen content will attract throughout the years might just become your next customers.

6 Best Practices For Evergreen Content Creation

After understanding the value of evergreen content for your business, you might be wondering, where do you even start with evergreen content creation? Whether you’re a content newbie or seasoned marketing pro, these best practices for maintaining and creating evergreen content are sure to spark positive traffic and growth in your direction! 

#1 Research, Research, And More Research 

If you want to uphold content for a number of years, it should be well thought out and strategically crafted. How else would it be a credible source of information for consumers to continuously trust? In general, evergreen content should always start with solid market, audience, and keyword research. 

You should use research as a means to: 

  • Integrate interesting findings and statistics in your content to boost credibility. 
  • Figure out topics and areas of interest of your target audience
  • Understand the most relevant long-tail and single keywords that your consumers might search in order to maintain a solid SEO. 
  • Pinpoint the gaps of information and little-known topics of your industry to create valuable content to fill that gap. 

#2 Always Stay True To Your Beliefs

Showcasing the beliefs, values, and story of your unique brand and product never goes out of style. Overall, audiences are always looking for content that is authentic and personal, as 86% of consumers in a study said that authenticity plays a major role in their support of brands. 

#3 Spice Up Old Content

Sometimes a few minor tweaks are all that you need to make old content more appealing to today’s consumers. Think about the old blogs and articles that performed particularly well in the past, and ask yourself how you can update them to maintain an evergreen status. These tactics might include freshening up your SEO keywords, adding an eye catching graphic, spinning old pieces onto new mediums, or even changing up the content’s headlines. 

#4 Keep Good Content In Circulation

No matter how relevant your past content topics might be, it is crucial to continue sharing them to stand out in the crowded marketplace. To make it as easy as possible for new consumers to find, repost links to your old blogs that still ring true in your email marketing newsletters or social media content. With 94% of marketers sharing their content on social media platforms, it is clearly a popular way to boost your content views and awareness.

#5 Outsource Your Copywriting

Even if your content idea is timeless, it will not stay relevant if it isn’t written in a way that is easy to follow. Outsourcing your copywriting ensures that your content ideas are executed with strategic SEO keywords, an organized structure, and a unique brand voice to keep readers coming back for more.

Reap The Benefits of Evergreen Content Today

Each and every business can benefit from lead-generating, traffic-driving evergreen content. Unlike breaking news or trendy topics with a buzz that only lasts a few days or weeks, evergreen content aims to provide value to consumers for months and years to come. 

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