What is a Copywriting Content Partner?

partner with a copywriting agency

Why You Need a Copywriting Content Partner 

If your business is struggling to see high open-rates, click-through rates, and website traffic, it may be a sign that your messaging needs an overhaul. There are many reasons why companies decide to hire a copywriting content partner.

When You Should Partner with a Copywriting Agency

You Have Neither the Skills Nor the Experience to Produce Writing that Sells

You may be a good writer and are able to express your thoughts clearly and succinctly. But unless you’ve been trained to write in a way that persuades your target customer to take action, your messaging will be ineffective. A copywriting agency knows how to:

  • Write an attention-getting headline
  • Produce content that projects authority
  • Write copy that speaks to the consumer and conveys benefits

If you don’t feel confident about your ability to write persuasively or to turn out different types of content – like blogs, social media posts, ad copy, web copy, SEO writing, press releases, and white papers –  the best business decision you can make is to outsource those writing jobs. A strong content partner will have access to experts who specialize in various forms of content.

You’re Spread Too Thin and You Don’t Have the Time to Devote to Writing

As a business owner, you’re likely pulled in many directions and there’s not enough hours in the day to get everything done. If you have neither the time nor energy to craft dynamic sales copy, it’s a good strategic move to hire a copywriting agency.

It’s Tough to Be Objective About Your Own Business

Often, it’s best to bring in partners who can provide an outsider’s perspective because you’re too close to your business. That you’ve thrown yourself into making your business a success is obviously a good thing, but it’s possible you may not see the forest for the trees, and your messaging focus may ignore what your target customers want and need.

Professional writers will use customer feedback and research to construct unbiased messaging that will deliver your company’s benefits in ways that persuade prospects to take action.

What Other Benefits Can You See When You Partner with a Copywriting Content Partner?

It’s Cost-Effective and Scalable

A copywriting agency will work with you to put together a package that meets your needs in terms of pricing and quantity. And if you suddenly need additional articles or other services, the copywriting firm will be able to execute your order cost-effectively and on time.

Customer Service and Support

When you partner with a copywriting agency, your fates are intertwined. The agency has your success in its best interests because when you grow, they grow.  The best copywriting firms will set up a direct path to keeping you informed about your projects and will be available as needed to answer any questions about their progress.

Ready-To-Publish Work

Your projects will always be edited and proofread before they’re returned to you, and your feedback is welcome if you see something that needs tweaking. You can rely on your copywriting content partner to produce outstanding work that delivers on your goals.

Why Choose Amplihigher to Be Your Copywriting Content Partner?

When you partner with Amplihigher, you can be assured that:

  • We’ll use the organizational structure that works for you (e.g. email, Google Drive, your project management software, etc.)
  • We’ll assign the writer who is best suited to your project’s needs.
  • We hold our copywriters to the highest quality standards and demand that they are careful researchers, can craft engaging content, and have an understanding of search engine optimization. 
  • The written content will go through a rigorous two-tier editing process that ensures it complies with your specifications and meets our high quality standards. We also have a strict no-plagiarism guarantee.
  • You’ll receive work that’s ready to publish and submitted on time.

Our talented freelance copywriters are able to supply content for every industry and niche, and have written for thousands of clients in every conceivable industry. They’re able to research and write on just about any subject matter.

Partner with Us

We don’t take any of our partners for granted, and we pledge to bring our best to any project that comes our way. Let us demonstrate how a partnership with Amplihigher can work seamlessly to boost your success. Contact a member of our team to learn more!