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Wellness Copywriting

Wellness content, which can include health, fitness, nutrition, and weight loss content, is some of the most highly read content on the internet. Both directly wellness-oriented brands and businesses in other fields can take advantage of wellness copywriting to drive traffic to their sites. With wellness copywriting as a part of your product descriptions, SEO blogging strategy, or email marketing campaign, you’re showing potential customers that you have their holistic well-being in mind.

At Amplihigher, we have wellness writers who have thoroughly researched and written content for a variety of wellness businesses. We understand that excellent copy can pique customer interest, invest them in your business, and influence them to take action. Whether you need your products to top search engine result pages or want to start engaging customers with a newsletter, or if you simply don’t have the time to create all this copy on your own, we will act as brand ambassadors for your essential content.

We Research Your Industry

Before writing a word of copy for your company, we immerse ourselves in your industry and your product. We research online discussions about your industry to better understand what customers value your business and what services you have to offer. Our writers enter every writing job as an ambassador for your brand, and we want to help you contribute valuable information, not just for your customers but for the industry as a whole.

Researching may involve our team of agency copywriters digging deep into the comment sections of similar products, reading industry affiliated literature, or listening to relevant podcasts. Understanding what appeals to customers to your industry is paramount for creating actionable content. Our preliminary research efforts require a lot of upfront labor, but the effort is worth the trouble. Gaining this critical industry insight allows us to cut through the noise and reach real people with researched, targeted, and valuable information.

We Write For Your Audiences

Compelling content is not written in a vacuum. We analyze your real base of customers to understand their needs better. We investigate who your core constituents are to fine-tune your content, tone, and style of writing.

Some products will demand an informative and instructional approach. Some blog posts will require empathy, powered by emotional stories and imagery for effect, while some posts require a concise and informative writing style. Copywriting involves nuance for examining the industry, audience, and product and weighing how informative, conversational, and emotional you should be.

Our expert writers have collective decades of experience writing for audiences of varying backgrounds, education levels, and ages. We understand that generalized content does not have the range to engage consumers, so we write for specific customer profiles.

Search Engine Optimized Writing

Our professional writers are experts in SEO copywriting. By focusing on user design, intentional keyword placement, and quality content, your web content is far more likely to attract organic traffic.

We prioritize crafting scannable content for the average consumer. Most idle visitors don’t want to sift through blocks of text, and may even bounce off your content back to the search results. By utilizing current SEO copywriting best practices, we create content for easy consumer access.

Quality content is, by far, the most significant factor for building SEO. Consumers crave good content that adds value to their lives. We maximize the potential of your content with plenty of upfront research for informed content. Whether your content is for a product description or results-driven social media posts, we strive to produce actionable copy that adds value to your consumers’ lives.

Our Professional Writers Specialize in Wellness Copywriting

Whether you’re looking for wellness-oriented blog posts about employee engagement or a landing page for a supplement you’re selling, our team of professional bloggers and SEO content writers is highly skilled at writing wellness copywriting.

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