Three Reasons to Work with a Freelance Copywriter

why work with a freelance copywriter?

Why Hire A Freelance Copywriter?

Does your business need a full-time writing staffer? Oftentimes the need for new copy comes in waves along with a big project, and with periods of stagnation between projects. During that down time, do you need a salaried employee? During their down time a salaried employee is drawing from a full paycheck, benefits, and other amenities offered by your business. Not every business can afford to keep writers around constantly.

While a staff writer can provide the leisure of in-house writing expertise and consistent branding, a freelance copywriter carries the weight of multitudinal experiences, objective writing expertise, and cost-beneficial contract work. 

Amplihigher copywriting agency aggregates copywriting experience in one professional agency setting for an array of business industries and niches with the promise of original, results-driven deliverables.

Here are the top 3 reasons to work with a freelance copywriter:

1. Freelance Writers have Varied Experiences

Freelance copywriters develop unique skill sets that an in-house writer does not have to develop. They prepare a wide variety of writing assignments, marketing materials, and projects for an array of publications and industries consistently. Employ the services of a copywriting agency, and you are guaranteed a writer with the right background and experience to create your content.

Freelance writers understand the value of their time and have measured their required preparation, writing, and editing stages to optimize their productivity. You won’t have to worry about a lagging project when you have the time management skills of a freelancer on your side. Choosing a copywriting agency will even ensure that your content has multiple eyes on it before it ever reaches your desk.

2. Objectivity is Priceless 

A freelance copywriter can walk a fine line between intimate field knowledge and that crucial outsider perspective. Objectivity breeds brand authenticity. Authenticity builds relationships with consumers. Amplihigher’s freelance copywriters develop subject matter expertise that they can employ in your industry. Our copywriters optimize your brand’s messaging through your various communication platforms to ensure your brand connects with ideal consumers.

3. Contract Work is Cost-Efficient

Freelance copywriters provide cost-efficient writing expertise due to the nature of their work. If your business does not have the need for year-round copy or writing content, you need to protect your investment with contract work. By agreeing to enter into a contract with a copywriter you can save on the need to provide staff writers salary and benefits. Additionally, you don’t have to provide the physical space or the technological requirements to prepare your content. 

Outsourcing copywriting services will save on costs related to:


  • Salaries
  • Healthcare
  • Physical space and amenities


Trust Us with Your Content Needs

Amplihigher offers a variety of writing services because we hire expert writers from diverse backgrounds and expertise. Our multi-tiered editing processes ensure high quality, grammatically correct, and plagiarism free content. We provided services in any content format, whether you need an email campaign, blog posts, revitalized landing pages and web content, or need an engaging social media presence. 

We don’t stop until we’ve delivered high-quality content to amplify your brand’s outreach. Your brand’s messaging is essential to the health of your business, and we have the right tools to make sure it is on point.

Elevate Your Content Marketing

If your business wants the flexibility and benefits associated with freelance work, getting in touch with copywriting expertise is as simple as contacting us. Our team perfects your brand messaging, increases your ROI, and exceeds your expectations.