The Conversion Power of Long-Tail Keywords

why should you use long tail keywords?

What are long-tail keywords and when should you use them?

All search engine optimization strategies begin with keyword research. While many businesses opt for the most competitive keywords, long-tail keywords are often easier to rank in, as well as lead to an increase in conversions. 

What are Long-Tail Keywords?

Long-tail keywords take basic keywords and expand them to include qualifiers. These terms and phrases are typically three to four words long and typically have lower search volume. This means less competition while targeting potential customers that are further along in the sales funnel.

How Do You Use Long-Tail Keywords?

For example, an example of a short-tail keyword is copywriting agency, while a long-tail keyword would be copywriting agency in Austin, Texas. The long-tail keyword in this example appended words that add to the specificity of the search.

Benefits of Using Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords offer the following benefits to your comprehensive SEO strategies.

Diversifying your keywords improves SERPs

Long-tail keywords prioritize quality over quantity in search results. They are more detailed than shorter, more popular single keywords, and will reach fewer people, but allow you to rank higher. Those users who do find you by using those longer, more specific terms and phrases are more likely to see you before your competition.  

Long-tail keywords represent how people perform search queries

User search trends change and adapt to new technologies, updated mobile device functionality, and other societal influences. Long-tail keywords allow marketers to reach potential customers by using the words, tone, and phrases your target audience is using to look for your type of products and services. 

Using long-term keywords can improved conversion rates

When searchers find you by using more specific and detailed search terms and are presented with engaging, compelling content, they are far more likely to contribute to improved conversion and bounce rates on your site. This will lead to higher quantity and quality of leads resulting in increased sales and revenue.

Long-tail keywords mimic voice command searches

Long-tail keywords will be especially important as technologies like voice search become more popular. People speak differently than when they type in a search bar. Long-tail keywords allow you to take advantage of the longer, more casual tone of searches using voice command technology.

Using long-tail keywords assists in developing blogging strategies

Blog topics can be created using your most valuable long-tail keywords at conversation starters and attention-getters. Blogs allow you to expand on subjects to include multiple variations of keywords to increase search engine visibility. Related blog posts on similar industry-related topics will help to maximize the power of long-tail keywords in your SEO efforts.

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