Strategic Storytelling: Creative Copywriters

why creative copywriters are the best copywriters

The Best Copywriters are Creative Copywriters

You might be thinking, what’s the difference between a copywriter and a creative writer? For starters, a copywriter creates strategic ad copy and business-related content, whereas a creative writer typically crafts poems, short stories, and novels. What makes a great copywriter? A writer that can juxtapose both creative and strategic thinking to create compelling content. 

The best copywriters are creative copywriters with the expertise to weave a compelling narrative. What is advertising, if not the art of communicating a brand’s story? A great copywriter develops copy that gets read and generates results. 

Excellent writing skills are fundamental to copywriting. Creative copywriters must know how to:

  • Write introductions that capture attention
  • Relate problems that drive interest
  • Craft a relatable business persona
  • And tell customers exactly what you want them to do


Copywriting Tells a Story

Copywriting has the same building blocks as any other kind of story. Stories have problems that need solving, characters, a setting, and a conclusion that wraps it up. The only difference is that copywriting weaponizes that conclusion with a call to action.

Introductions Hook Readers

Good stories don’t jump right into the events. They take time to situate the audience into the setting and acquaint them with characters. For copywriting, introductions are essential for hooking readers and boosting your SEO performance. A good introduction promotes your desired keyword, your business, and situates the content in a context that intrigues your audience to keep reading.

Conflict Generates Intrigue

Good writing has a conflict that drives the plot. If there’s no curious problem to keep readers engaged, they will find any reason to stop reading your content. Creative writers can introduce a good conflict into a plot, which translates into identifying the problem in your consumer’s mind. Conflicts are a strong lead and headline because readers want to know how to fix what troubles them.

Characters Humble Businesses and Connect with Readers

You, your brand, and your consumer are all characters in your brand messaging. These are three-dimensional beings that can build a bridge between your business and consumers. Your character is your brand’s voice and tone as a living, breathing entity. No matter what niche your character is, an audience can relate to and appreciate a brand that understands their needs and desires.

Conclusions Get the Job Done

Essays in college, books, movies, television shows, and even advertising all have conclusions. It’s natural for audiences to want a satisfying end. You don’t want to leave any loose threads by not including a call to action. The call to action is the most critical part of your copy. Given a chance, readers will support your business, but only if you tell them to! A call to action articulates what you want readers to do, and how they can go about doing so.


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