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Health, wellness, and fitness websites are vastly popular, and by far, some of the most competitive when it comes to search engine visibility. Expertly written wellness copywriting sets your wellness blog apart from others. From scientific breakdowns of popular supplements to recipe writing to audience-engaging blogs, the professional writers at Amplihigher have the expertise and experience to take your wellness website to the next level.


Known for its cutthroat culture and high-stakes competition, beauty and skincare companies must be bold with their branding to stand out. Whether your brand is subtle, sleek, and blase or whimsical with a counter-culture appeal, our professional writers know how to craft beauty and skincare copywriting that establishes your brand. Our team of agency copywriters includes select writers with beauty industry experience.


The lifestyle content umbrella encompasses a multitude of areas of interest and writing styles. Lifestyle copywriting might take the form of a blog post offering travel tips, a landing page for professional organizing services, or an eBook on fall fashion advice. If your business or service involves fashion, food, travel, life advice, or design, then lifestyle copywriting composed by our blog writers can give you the content edge you need to expand your brand.


An evidence-based approach to your business’s content establishes your credibility and authority. Professional scientific copywriting is a great way to describe a product or service from a technical, scientific perspective that expertly convinces customers of its efficacy. Select members of the Amplihigher team have an educational or professional background in engineering, science, and physics.


Our professional writers thoroughly research respected medical journals and peer-reviewed clinical studies and translate medical terminology into cogent copy. Medical copywriting is one of the most tedious forms of writing; the writers on staff at Amplihigher who specialize in science and medical writing can create compelling, accurate medical articles for your doctor’s office, chiropractic clinic, laboratory, pharmacy, and more.


Dog trainers, vet clinics, farms, boarding facilities, pet food companies, and pet bloggers all need factual and actionable copy written with both knowledge and compassion. Whether you’re looking to hire a professional writer to craft blog posts or landing pages on pet health, training advice, adoption tips, or anything in between, you’ll be matched with an experienced copywriter who will write pet care copywriting with pet owners in mind.


The same skills and incisive thinking it takes to be an attorney doesn’t always translate to an ability to write about legal practices in an easy-to-understand way. Having an accessible, search engine optimized website with legal copywriting is a great way to attract new clients to your practice. Amplihigher’s SEO content writers can provide you with clear and concise legal copywriting for your practice’s site and blog.


If you work in manufacturing, repair services, construction, or home improvement, your marketing strategy can benefit from industrial copywriting. Similar to our scientific copywriting services (but with more of a pragmatic spin), industrial copywriting is a type of ultimately sales-driven writing that breaks down the technical aspects of what you offer to your customers. Our copywriting agency is ready to take on industrial copywriting projects of all kinds.


Financial copywriting makes explanations of financial processes and services accessible. If you’re a bank, financial startup, and/or fintech company, you don’t want the writing on your website and promotional materials to be dull or uninspiring or to be frustratingly incomprehensible. Our team of professionals has the financial know-how and writing skills to craft financial copywriting that shines (and sells your services).


At Amplihigher, we know that at the core of every great marketing strategy is the written content. Every one of our professional writers has an extensive marketing background, and we pride ourselves on staying on top of both digital and traditional marketing trends, including marketing copywriting best practices. If you’re a marketing firm looking for knowledgeably written and actionable marketing articles, contact a member of our team today.


The real estate industry is competitive; the quality of your copy and the success of your business is directly correlated. Our copywriting agency teams partners with real estate agents, property managers, and other real estate professionals nationwide. We provide expertly-written and powerfully written copy that builds relationships, forges trust, and increases search engine visibility.


We specialize in entertainment industry copywriting! From in-depth bios for personalities to press releases and ad copy for marketing large-scale events, our team has decades of experience in entertainment industry content marketing. We are highly specialized in music industry sales copy and biographies.


Writing powerful and effective ad copy for radio, digital, and print ads combine creativity with in-depth knowledge of marketing psychology. Our professional copywriters are tirelessly passionate about creating concise ad copy that combines utility and emotion to influence action.


Do you have a niche industry? Our copywriting agency team thrives on challenges. Our professional writers are skilled in both writing and research and can write content on virtually any subject matter.


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