Is Your Social Media Copy “Stopping the Scroll?”

social media copywriting from a copywriting agency

You have milliseconds to capture attention on social media

Writing branded social media content takes trial and error, as well as a lot of hands-on experience. There is an art to creating shareable memes and viral posts that communicate your organization’s vision. It requires an intuitive skill to infuse social content with the company’s morals and missions within a certain amount of characters.

Short, attention-grabbing sentences

A person’s attention span is virtually nonexistent on social media. On Twitter, you have 280 characters to to land your message with readers. On Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram you have the illusion of unlimited words but face the challenge of standing out amongst the thousands of social media posts a person sees per day.


Short sentences show readers that you value their time (it’s like an elevator pitch but with social media advertising).  Short is deceptively simple, though. In those short few words, it is essential to maximize every word to impact your audience. Word choice and attention-grabbing openers are everything for getting – and maintaining – your audience’s interest.

Punchy Headlines

If you have a blog (which you should), it will serve you well to promote your posts across all your social platforms. Headlines are where you can seal the deal with interested readers. They should invite, shock, or intrigue readers so that they pay attention to your post in an oversaturated social feed cycle. Headlines are a great place to attract readers with energizing details, the promise of a listicle, or useful information.


Capturing click-throughs

When you first made your business’ social media page, you did so because it is a great way to promote your business. Meeting consumers in real-time is an invaluable marketing tool for boosting your business. You want to share the wealth of engagement across your website and other platforms through internal linking click-throughs.

Drive your social media plan by:

  • Maximizing your new product launch or offered service with strategic linking. We ensure that consumers will have access to the link to your webpage, press coverage, or blog post with further details
  • Dropping the link with a witty remark for your riveting blog posts 
  • Driving engagement on your website by linking to posts, new pages, and other announcements located there


SEO for social media posts

Your social media profiles appear in search engine results. If a consumer searches your brand they are likely to see your website, along with your various platforms. You want this to happen because it means consumers can choose to follow your pages for further updates on your activities, products, and company updates. 

Optimize your social media channels for success by:

  • Drafting a bio that describes your organization and mission
  • Keeping your content short and easy to read
  • Boosting your keyword strategy

Social media copywriting that earns clicks

Let our team take the reins on your copy. Watch your business grow more engaged and invested than ever before when we create a consistent schedule of content for your brand. Contact a member of our team to get started.