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Scientific Copywriting

Scientific copywriting is used by a wide variety of businesses and organizations. Sometimes scientific copywriting takes the form of medical copywriting required by doctors and other medical professionals. But if you occupy another role in the health sector, or even if you work in research and development, evidence-based scientific copywriting can is similarly used to your advantage.

Scientific Writing for All Audiences

At Amplihigher, select members of our team specialize in scientific copywriting. Our scientific copywriters have educational and professional backgrounds in computer engineering, microbiology, and other scientific field experience. We thoroughly research your field, company, or product to craft engaging and persuasive content for audiences ranging from the general public to industry experts with more technical needs.

Copywriting for Marketing Campaigns

Actionable content that moves potential leads to satisfied customers is arguably the most critical aspect of any marketing campaign. At Amplihigher, our mission is to help you achieve your business goals with results-driven copy across your multiple communication streams.

We write copy for both digital and physical materials for your news and promotions. From email newsletters to press releases to flyers, pamphlets, or any other informative literature, we prepare engaging and actionable content that will generate interest around your organization.

Content For Your Website

We all recognize the importance of a modern website interface, but are you putting the same emphasis on your web copy? Sloppiness, a lack of user accessibility, and low-quality content are all pitfalls that could damage the reputation of your brand.

For this reason, Ampihigher guarantees 100% original, impeccable writing that undergoes a multi-tiered editing process through our expert editors and writers. Unique content will always be superior to copied content, even if it is from your other streams of communication. Creating value-driven original content will not only contribute knowledge to your audience and field but also improve your overall SEO across your multiple web platforms.

Do You Have a Science-Backed Product?

Our copywriters understand the nuances of writing exceptional product descriptions. When writing marketing copy for your product to a general audience or potential clients, or even other scientific sources, we evaluate the audience and devise the best tone of voice for your target demographic. Creating product descriptions that build organic web traffic, inform the reader on its value, and inspire purchases requires diligent work.

We begin writing your product descriptions with careful attention to its utility, how it benefits your audience, and what creative elements are going to evoke the desired reaction from your audience. Additionally, maximizing its SEO through bulleted points, short paragraphs, and concise sentences will ensure that your product reaches its full potential on search results pages.

Professional Writers for Scientific Copywriting

Scientific copywriting describes the services or products you offer from a scientific perspective. Blogs or social media posts relevant to your niche are other forms that scientific copywriting can take. Our agency copywriters are experts at scientific copywriting and excel at writing about complex topics in an easy-to-understand way, using all the proper attributions.

Having content for your company or organization that cites peer-reviewed journal articles is a great way to increase customer trust.

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Scientific copywriting is essential for your professional credibility. Let our copywriting service help you develop and expand your position in your industry. Contact us today to get started.


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