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Marketing Copywriting

As the field of businesses providing marketing-related services becomes more and more saturated, marketing consultants and agencies need to make sure that the copy on their websites is as easy to read and impactful as possible to attract potential clients.

Amplihigher provides copywriting services for marketing firms and other creative agencies that establishes your authority and appeals to your target demographic.

Why Your Marketing Team Needs Quality Copy

You spend time stacking your marketing team with project managers, social media managers, graphic designers, content creators, technical consultants, etc. All of this falls short if you don’t have the finest copywriters on your team.

Copywriting serves the essential function of selling your product or service to its intended audience. The first episode of the thrilling drama Mad Men illustrates this point when a cigarette company facing public health backlash outsources their marketing strategy to Don Draper’s agency. He comes up with the idea to evoke the feeling of a warm home when he crafts the slogan, “It’s toasted.”

The Don Draper adage conveys the purpose of copywriting, and the merits by which we judge expert copywriters. It’s not a contest of length, but by the mood and story you are selling for your customers.

Copywriting That Attracts New Business

As a marketing company, it is paramount that potential clients believe your services are worth the investment. Sharing industry updates, information on current marketing trends, and in-depth information as to why you services are essential to growth instills trust and creates a sense or urgency in potential clients.

It not uncommon for marketing agencies to lack the time to promote their own services, especially if your company is experiencing significant growth or success. Our copywriting agency team consists of experienced marketing professionals as well as skilled copywriters that can promote a vision of your brand that is relatable to your consumers.

Agency Partnerships

Amplihigher is unique in that we not only serve independent businesses, but also act as a content partner for creative agencies. We work with hundreds of marketing agencies worldwide to provide top-quality content for their clients as a part of an overall marketing strategy. Visit our Partnerships page to learn more about how our copywriting agency has simplified the process of content partnerships.

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As a marketing agency, you have a myriad of responsibilities. If you don’t have the time to fine-tune the marketing copywriting on your website or social media accounts, let our team of results-driven professional writers take care of it—fill out our contact form today to partner with us.


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