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Industrial Copywriting

Industrial copywriting is a vast category of copywriting. It encompasses business to business and business to consumer communication. B2B industrial copywriting works for manufacturing companies who need to market their products to industrial distributors. B2C industrial copywriting is best for both sole proprietors and companies working in the construction industry, home improvement industry, or repair and maintenance industry.

Amplihigher prepares content in a variety of mediums for all your B2B and B2C needs. Our professional copywriters can create product descriptions for your customer base, website copy that establishes your professional identity, an email drip campaign designed to keep your leads informed, or physical marketing materials. You don’t run your business on filler, and neither do we. We guarantee quality content every time.

Matching Tone to Your Audience

We match your tone with your target market. Nailing your voice every time will require forethought depending on the project, and whether your intended audience is a business or a consumer. Your viewers will value different aspects of your product or service depending on what type of category they fall into, and we take the necessary steps to research what exactly they value about your product.

To research your audience, we may dig into archived forums, special interest Facebook groups, industry-related news, and literature, or even B2C podcasts. We invest this time into your audience to gain critical insight that will ensure we appeal to their desires and values in the authentic language of their community. Often time businesses struggle with connecting to their audience because they are too close to their product. Amplihigher provides that outside perspective for a refreshing take on what your target audience loves about your brand and amplifies that message.

How We Connect With Your Consumers

Adopting different tones of voices also dictates what the quality of informative versus emotional content should be. We scale the degree of industry jargon proportional to the knowledge of the audience you’re trying to reach so that they receive the information they need.

For consumers, we may collaborate on fitting emotional content to connecting with your audience through human means. Adopting a genuine voice that speaks to readers will set you apart in an industry riddled with complexity and gatekeeping. We might find success with a cheerful, ironic, or funny voice for establishing that trust.

Additionally, sharing personal stories or anecdotes about a product shares the value of a product. Sharing that perspective allows your audience to perceive the product as useful for their lives. Every day, consumers must see how your product will enrich their lives.

Connecting With Other Businesses

Writing for B2B audiences requires a more informative and professional tone. At Ampihigher, our copywriting agency team has experience marketing products to business clients. We know that it is critical to emphasize your product’s usefulness in a variety of streams of communication, like an email campaign or a web page.

Businesses want to know more than just the benefits of your product; they require more depth to the information provided. Contributing important industry-related news requires quite a bit of research and keeping up with current trends. We maintain this kind of vigilance for new topics of interest to your target business market, so you have more time to focus on running your business. Our two-tiered editing process ensures accurate, plagiarism-free, and grammatically correct quality content.

Amplihigher’s Copywriting Services

We offer a variety of writing services for all your marketing needs. Some of our marketing copywriting services include:

Our Professional Writers Specialize in Industrial Copywriting

Industrial copywriting requires the ability to write about complex and technical processes in a way that appeals to your target audience, which is hard to do. The professional writers that make up the team at Amplihigher, however, are up for the challenge. Our industrial copywriting demystifies your area of expertise to your customers.

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