In-House vs. Outsourcing Copywriters

You know you need copywriting to support your marketing strategy. Agency copywriters and freelance copywriters get results but can be pricey. But what’s the best option for your business? 

Let’s shed some light on it!

Copywriting Skill Check

This isn’t the same thing as writing your family Christmas newsletter. Copywriting is a dedicated skillset with the training and experience required. While there is plenty of training on the internet, the key to successful copywriting is measurable results. 

Copywriting is objective-driven, intention-based writing. You need to know how to incorporate storytelling, emotional appeals, sales language, and calls to action, so that you get the results you want. 

For example, if you sell an online course, and you need one hundred new applicants to meet your revenue goals, you’ll need a sales page that consistently converts readers into buyers.

If you don’t have someone in your team with the skills, you’ll have to hire a copywriter one way or the other. An in-house writer will have a more well-rounded understanding of your business and what you do, whereas a hired writer will need to learn and adapt. 

Budgetary Concerns

Copywriting service providers usually charge in packages or by the hour. If in packages, it is typically for a predetermined bundle of deliverables. Depending on the terms of your agreement, outsourcing will have a higher upfront cost, whereas hiring an in-house team member will cost more over time. 

For small businesses, startups, and solopreneurs, hiring an in-house writer just isn’t feasible. Think of the lucrative salary, medical benefits, and required computer equipment or software needed just to put them to work. Outsourced copywriters are remote-ready to work, day one, with all of their own stuff, no benefits required, and pre-existing workflows available. 

High-quality copywriters tend to charge their top-dollar worth, and some offer revenue or profit-sharing terms for large contracts. Copy and content writing agencies come with a more affordable price tag and an army of skilled professionals who can churn out high-quality copywriting virtually at the drop of a hat. 

Copy and Content Needs

How much copy do you need? If you’re starting a website rebrand or updating your course materials, or your sales page needs a high-converting copy injection, you may just need copywriting services for a one-time project. 

Hiring an in-house copywriter wouldn’t make sense for a project like that. If you need regular content delivery of weekly blog articles, again, hiring would cost far more than outsourcing. Having an arrangement for regular copy and content delivery is commonplace with writing agencies.

If you’re looking for someone to write every email sequence, social media post, blog article, newsletter, podcast notes, YouTube description, and regularly update your website, that’s an employee. This is when the cost to benefits may tilt in favor of an in-house hire. 

Control Freaks Read Here

Control is a critical element of this discussion. How much control do you want over your copywriting projects? Obviously, it’s your project either way. But that’s not what is intended by the question here. 

How much do you want to control the schedule, delivery, and process of your project? An outsourced copywriter has other projects, other clients, and deadlines that may compete with yours. You may not be able to start your project today, next week, or even this month. 

Freelance copywriters will have established processes in place that you can follow but will have no influence over. There may also be contractually stipulated limitations on edit and revision cycles. 

If you want to control all the elements of your copywriting project, you should hire an in-house copywriter who answers to you. An outsourced copywriter or agency is a consultant and partner. The most successful relationships are symbiotic and respectful. 

One more thing here. Writing, in any form, is a creative pursuit. Whether in-house or outsourced, respect your writer’s process for best results and repeatable success. 

The Question of Quality

If you’ve been thinking, “the quality won’t be as high if we outsource our copy” or “nobody can nail our brand voice like our own people,” then I’d have to tell you that you’re just dead wrong. 

It’s possible that, as an outsourced writer adapts to your brand, there may be a few more edits or revisions required. But keep in mind that you’re hiring them as the experts. 

Subtly blending your brand voice into your copy and content is what they DO. Every day. For lots of different clients, brands, and audiences. All the time. 

It’s actually our favorite part! 

At least that’s what my team tells me! And we can prove it. Reach out to us today, and let’s start blending your brand voice into killer copy and content for your business!