How To Engage Website Visitors in 6 Easy Ways

how to engage website visitors

Make an impression and engage your website visitors

In the digital-obsessed society that we live in, 87% of consumers search for a product online before making a purchase. This means that your website can be the determinant between a consumer choosing your business or your competitors. 

Why is Website Engagement Important? 

In the same way that brick and mortar stores needed to engage with physical foot traffic in the past, nowadays, it is just as necessary for online spaces to engage with their digital traffic. If you already accomplish the hard task of hooking a potential consumer into visiting your page, the next step of dazzling them with your website features is just as crucial. Since your website is usually the first impression made on audiences, it is a necessity to have one that is worth the user’s while.

6 Techniques for Building a Killer Website 

Here are 6 of our favorite tactics for creating a website that sucks visitors in and leaves them wanting more: 

#1: Blogging is Your Best Friend

Creating a blog for your business is an excellent way for making a positive impact on your consumers. 126% of small businesses that write them have more lead growth than those without! Blogs are the perfect opportunity to show what your brand is all about by educating your consumer on the topics that they care about. 

Keep in mind these ideas for writing a compelling blog: 

  • Keywords Are a Must: To capitalize on the power of SEO, make sure to insert keywords or phrases within your blog that your audience are likely to search and inquire about. 
  • The Longer the Better: Articles with 3,000 or more words have been found to have much better traffic (3x more), shares (4x more), and backlinks (3.5x more) than article’s with a short to average word count. 
  • Write For Your Audience: To ensure that your blog isn’t generic or stale, establish your expertise on the topics that your target audiences actually want to learn about! Write in a voice that rings authentic to their needs, beliefs, and vernacular. 
  • Structure is Everything: Bulleted lists, subheadings, and catchy headlines are a must for a cohesively structured blog

#2: Inner Links are Key

Every page on your website offers something new to the table, and it’s nearly impossible to fit everything you want your consumer to be aware of on one landing page or blog post. In order to motivate and redirect users to visit other pages on your website, make sure to provide hyperlinks within your content. 


Whether it’s embedded within a blog post or placed in a call-to action button, using inner links to other web pages provides an easy next step to keep consumers on your page longer, and ensures that your best content isn’t going unnoticed. Plus, it displays the diverse set of services and resources that your website offers users! 

#3: Incorporate Multimedia Content

Despite being huge proponents of compelling copy, sometimes words just aren’t enough for gaining a visitor’s attention. This is especially the case when your website contains huge chunks of text without any breaks or color, as it makes for a dull visual that doesn’t spark much curiosity or excitement. 

Successful multimedia content on websites involve: 

  • Videos: Videos are a great approach for directly speaking to consumers, and can easily be repurposed on a variety of marketing platforms. They offer the opportunity to showcase both creative cartoons or familiarizing consumers with the voices and faces of your team. 
  • Visuals: In general, humans are visual creatures, and research suggests that visuals are powerful tools for helping people recall and remember content more effectively. Insert eye catching infographics, photos, and colorful backgrounds to spice up your website! 

#4: Make It Mobile

In 2020, it was found that 50.81% of website traffic stemmed from individuals on their mobile devices. That’s more than half of your potential website audience! To keep these readers just as captivated as they are when searching with a larger device, it is crucial to optimize your website for a quicker and on-the-go mobile experience. 

Some easy ways for making your website stellar for phones include keeping your headlines and titles short and sweet for an easier read on the smaller screen. You can also double-check that your website looks good on mobile by simply plugging the link on Google’s mobile-friendly test tool

#5: Incentivize with Free Trials and Perks

Easy engagement comes with offering free trials and perks to consumers for visiting your page. When your business offers free resources to consumers, it shows them that you have an intrinsic care for solving their problems and providing value to their life, even before they spend a dollar on your products.  

Free trials and perks on your website can also benefit your future marketing tactics, for you can easily exchange these rewards for an email address and contact info. This allows you to create a more targeted and active group of users for any future email marketing campaigns. 

A few popular free resources to be exchanged for a quick email address include:

  • Ebooks
  • Case studies and reports
  • Coupon codes 
  • Templates and worksheets

#6: Make Sure Loading Time Is Quick

Let’s face it, people are impatient when it comes to technology! The last thing you want your busy visitors to use their energy on is waiting forever to view your content. In fact, a study found that 53% of website visitors leave websites that don’t load within 3 seconds. You can have the best web content in your industry, but none of it matters if you aren’t ensuring that it loads efficiently.

Elevate Your Website’s Content Today 

As a whole, learning how to engage website visitors is crucial for improving your business’s sales, brand awareness, and overall digital marketing success. The main solution for keeping your website visitors entertained lies in quality and strategic content. Contact our team of professional writers at Amplihigher today for improving your blog, landing pages, video scripts, SEO copy, and any other written website needs!