Is Your Keyword Strategy Working for You?

how to choose your keywords

Maximize Your Keyword Strategy

Keywords are a natural dialogue between users and the search engine. Users plug key terms into a search engine to find products or services specific to an area, to their interests, or to fill any pressing need they have. Businesses that maximize their keyword strategy land their products at the forefront of search engine results. 

 As copywriters, our job is to optimize written content for search results by connecting brand, webpage, blog, and social media with chosen keywords

With that said, what keywords should we use for your brand? At Amplihigher, we have a vested interest in maximizing your SEO through robust keyword research, long-tail keywords, and keyword localization. Our expertise will afford your business the overwhelming benefit inherent in optimizing your keyword strategy.

Keyword Research

The keywords selected must attract organic web traffic that will improve your business’ performance. You can successfully rank for multiple keywords within a single webpage, so you want to discover what keywords rank for your business. 

Your services and products are a great place to jump in. Starting with what your business provides, relative to what customers search for, should compel your preliminary keyword decisions.

Keyword tools help make initial seed keyword term decisions. Additionally, they have the added benefit of including similar high-trafficking terms that will diversify your keyword outreach

Long-tail Keywords

Businesses that want to close a deal on a sale will have their long-tail keywords optimized. Long-tail keywords sacrifice short, concise keywords for long-form natural language searches. These keywords match highly precise search criteria reserved for consumers looking for a specific item. Long tail keywords are especially important for voice search.

Long-tail keywords help close the deal on specific items and connect you with highly interested and motivated customers. In other words, customers who are netted by long-tail keywords are ready to pull the trigger on a purchase. For example, long-tail keywords could be:

  • Great protein powder for building muscle 2020
  • Ten best instant coffee brands 
  • Cheap wicker outdoor chair

Localizing Keywords

If you want to take your company into new markets, you want accurate, localized keywords for audiences in a specific locale. Amplihigher copywriting agency understands the nuances of writing localized copy that ranks your business in the areas in which you compete.

Amplify Your Keyword Strategy

Strategic keyword placement maximizes your communication channels. Excellent written content creates an authentic brand voice for your business that influences customers’ behaviors. We devote ourselves to the highest ethical standards to ensure that your content is plagiarism free and original, always. Our collective decades of industry insight and experience and our robust multi-tiered editing process guarantee captivating content that will drive sales and connect you with your audience.

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