How Powerful are Your Product Descriptions?

why do product descriptions matter?

Why product descriptions matter

Charles Revson, one of the founders of the Revlon cosmetics company, is famous in advertising and marketing circles for making this statement about his business: “In the factory we make cosmetics, in the store we sell hope.”

Marketers have always known that they would have to do more than provide a list of product attributes if they expected to sell their wares.  To sell products that were similar to that of their competitors they had to discover how to appeal to their target audience’s emotions

In today’s media environment, product descriptions must not only be unique and compelling enough to motivate your target customers to buy, but they need to do the work of bringing visitors to your website in the first place. Whether you sell your goods and services in a brick-and-mortar location, your business is conducted completely online, or you use a completely different model, you can’t afford to ignore the way internet search and your website contribute to your sales goals.

5 reasons product descriptions are so important

  1. They help you stand apart from your competitors – Unless you’re selling a one-of-a-kind product, you’re likely competing with other businesses who are selling either the identical item or one that’s similar. Plus, if you’re price-competitive, you’ll need to find a way to convince people to buy from you. 
  2. They do double duty as sales pitches – When your product description transforms into a story about why the consumer needs your product or service, the reader is engaged and starts to see that what you’re selling is an experience – not just a laundry list of product features.
  3. You’ll see reduced bounce rates – The average time a person spends on a website is less than 15 seconds. Bland, boring product descriptions may give a site visitor permission to flee. But inspired copy may motivate him to stay a little longer and see what else you have to offer.
  4. You can improve your SEO with keywords in the descriptions – Before you can persuade people to stick around on your page, you have to first get them to your site. Descriptions can include the kind of long-tail keywords Google favors, and since search engines also value unique content, you have the opportunity to boost your rankings with every product description posted on your site.
  5. They can help turn site visits into lead or conversions – With improved SEO to increase site visitors and compelling product descriptions to keep people on your site, a copywriting agency can ensure you’re well on your way to either making a sale on your e-commerce platform or capturing a lead for future follow-up.

Why Choose Amplihigher to Write Your Product Descriptions?

At Amplihigher, our freelance copywriters carefully research your target audience and the online environment specific to your industry.  We read reviews and comments, and also monitor your competitors to get a sense of the challenges you face. Then, we adopt the language and tone of your audience base to craft product descriptions that are appealing and relatable.

Get in touch with the staff at Amplihigher to learn how our copywriting agency can position you apart from your competition and move your business forward.