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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do You Have Any Content Writers that Specialize in My Niche?

Our content writers and copywriters specialize in a vast number of industries — and there isn’t much we haven’t written about! If you have a very obscure niche, let us know. Our writers are first and foremost researchers, and can write on virtually any topic.

Does Amplihigher Have Both Copywriters AND Content Writers?

Yes! Many people don’t know that copywriting and content writing are two very different specialties that take remarkably different skill sets. We have writers that specialize in content writing only, copywriting only, and some writers who are well versed in both.

How Long Does it Take to Get My Content?

Turnaround times depend on several factors, such as length and how much research is required. We do our best to have your project completed within one week from the date of your request. Please keep in mind, however, that content that requires tedious research such as scientific, technical, or medical content, can take longer.

Can I Choose What Writer I Want to Work With?

Yes. We allow our clients to choose the writer(s) that work on their content. If we believe a different writer is better-suited to your content, we will let you know, but ultimately, the choice is yours.

Will I Have the Same Writer Every Time?

We do our best to assign one consistent writer to our long term clients in an effort to maintain voice, tone, and writing styles. 

Do I Work Directly With the Writer?

Our writers spend their time doing what they do best — creating results-driven, click-worthy content for our clients. When you partner with us, you will work directly with a project manager who will coordinate your project and be your main point of contact.

Do You Do Rush Orders?

Depending on the scope of your project, we may be able to do a rush order for an additional fee. 

My Company Requires External Agencies to Sign an NDA. Can You Do That?

We routinely sign NDAs for our clients. Your security and privacy are top priority.

Do You Write or Edit Fiction?

Very rarely, we will accept clients looking for an editor to rework their fiction pieces, but we do not offer fiction writing as part of our services.

Do I Own the Content I Order From Amplihigher?

Yes. You are the sole owner of any content you order from us. We never use your content in our writing portfolio without your express consent, nor do we ever re-use or share your content with anyone else.

How Much Do Copywriting and Content Writing Services Cost?

The cost of our services depends on the scope of your project, but we always aim to price our services competitively so that businesses of all sizes have access to great content services.

We’re a Marketing/SEO/Design/SEM Agency Looking for a Content Partner. Can You Help?

Absolutely! We partner with thousands of agencies worldwide to provide white label content services. Visit our PARTNERSHIPS page for more information!

I Want a Free Piece of Content as a Trial Run. Can You Do That?

We provide a writing portfolio with content written for various platforms within various industries for your review. We do not offer free content.

Do You Write School Papers?

Nope. We’ve all written enough school papers of our own to last us a lifetime. Besides, hiring someone to write your school paper is cheating. The Grapes of Wrath isn’t that bad. Just write the report.

Are You Looking for Additional Content Writers?

We’re always open to meeting qualified, talented, hardworking writers. Send us a message and say hello!


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