Famous Taglines Through Advertising History

the most famous taglines: why they worked

5 Timeless Taglines & Why They Worked

A good marketer is one who uses marketing psychology to create a positive or memorable association with their brand. A compelling tagline does just that.

Crafting the perfect tagline connects consumers to your brand through a few words that encapsulate your message and the worth of the products you provide.

What is a Tagline?

A tagline is a short, tight catchphrase that lets consumers know who you are and what your brand represents. It is used throughout your marketing efforts and associated with your logo and your advertising messaging efforts. Taglines are used to present a positive image of your business in an easily remembered and identified phrase.

Famous Taglines Through Advertising History

That you can remember slogans and taglines from your childhood is a living testament to the power of advertising. Effective taglines get embedded into the minds of consumers so that they remember them, repeat them, use them, and use them in daily conversation.

The following are some of the most creative and effective taglines used for products of all kinds throughout the past few decades.

“The happiest place on Earth”

When it comes to setting expectations, it is hard to top Disneyland’s most famous and enduring tagline. It works because for kids of all ages, Disneyland has worked hard to make it so for decades. The tagline is simple, makes a guarantee that is hard to resist, and associates the brand with positivity and, well, happiness.

“Just do it”

These three simple words take away consumer excuses and objections to lacing up their Nikes and working out. It is commanding, catchy, and fits into the brand message. It tells people that Nike has the tools you need to get active and perform better.

“A diamond is forever”

We all hope that our relationships are everlasting. DeBeers’ tagline tells consumers what their product is and how it fits into your life in four small words. This tagline has been effective for over seven decades as one of the most memorable and identifiable phrases in advertising history.

“Shave time. Shave money.”

Dollar Shave Club has infused a new energy into marketing. This tagline is a perfect representation of their cleverness and ability to get to the point quickly and creatively. It speaks to the convenience and affordability in a succinct, clear manner.

“What’s in your wallet?”

Parlaying this simple question into one of the most memorable in impactful ad campaigns ever, Capitol One’s tagline relates universally to consumers balancing their finances. This concise and catchy tagline implies that if a Capital One card is in your wallet, all is fine.

Throughout history, some of the most successful ad campaigns have featured catchy taglines that stick in consumers’ minds forever. Among other taglines that have seen great success include:

  • “Have it your way” – Burger King
  • “Double your pleasure, double your fun” – Doublemint Gum
  • “Think outside the bun” – Taco Bell
  • “Breakfast of champions” – Wheaties
  • “Finger lickin’ good” – KFC
  • “Snap! Crackle! Pop!” – Rice Krispies
  • “The ultimate driving machine” – BMW
  • “You’re in good hands” – Allstate Insurance
  • “Can you hear me now? Good.” – Verizon

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