Do You Need to Use Headings in Your Web Copy?

using headings in web copy

Yes, You Do Need to Use Headings in Your Web Copy

Do you know how to create content that flows? The place to start is through your headings. From each of those headings stems a section that will transition into another header. They are the building blocks to any outline for a blog post, newsletter, or landing page.. Many freelance copywriters begin with strong headings in their planning stage to naturally transition their content from paragraph to paragraph.

Headings play an additional crucial role in optimizing your copy for mobile, which is key to an effective SEO strategy. 

What Do Headings Do?

Headings can be used to simultaneously organize your ideas and to relay them to your audience. The primary function and practicality of a heading are that it makes your content user-friendly, scannable, and will retain their interest for longer. 

Consider for a moment how you would react to a page with long blocks of text and no organization principle at all to see. That would not do at all! You would probably rebound off that page back to the results for something more user-friendly.

On top of creating a seamless organization to your content, they are also directly contributing to the success of your business. Headings are useful in a setting where users are skimming your content for the information they need, but they are just as useful as an SEO device.

Why Are Headings Useful?

If you want your business to amplify it’s messaging in your target markets then you want to maximize your SEO strategy. The quality of content always has the most significant impact on search results performance. There is no better way to ensure high quality content, than with a robust planning stage. With headings baked into your preliminary stages, the quality of your content will naturally ripple out from professional writing services.

Headings are also a place search engine crawlers examine when ranking your webpages. Search engine crawlers look at your heading tags to understand the context of your content. Because headings organize your work, it stands to reason that they should describe the purpose of the web page or article to maximize its outreach. One way to do this is to plug in a keyword that suits your business. Keywords can be optimized for organic traffic and, if implemented correctly, for frontpage real estate.

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