Outcome-Focused Copywriting Services

Action-Driven Web Copy, Ads, & Marketing Emails

Not All Words Are Created Equal.

Only the ones that move the needle on your vision deserve your investment and your prospect’s attention. That’s copywriting. That’s Amplihigher.

What Is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the meat and potatoes of your marketing and outreach efforts. It’s the message on your website that encourages prospects to take action or the spark of interest in an ad that inspires them to click through.

Skilled copywriting services help you make an immediate word connection with your target prospects. To engage with them on the topics, trials, and triumphs that matter uniquely to them. To seize their attention and their interest with messaging that speaks to who and where they are. To convert their passive acknowledgment into eager action.

Your offer and your brand message rely heavily on the depth and precision of your copywriting. Your website is designed around the framework and breadth of your web copy. Your consumers click or scroll based on the quality and relevance of your ad copy.

Your business runs on copywriting. First-class copywriting services make it hum.

We use Amplihigher on a weekly/daily basis within our agency.

They help with everything from our website copy, newsletters, scripts, creative copy, etc. We are always recommending them to colleagues and clients.

Torrey Tayenaka
Founder/ CEO

Multidimensional Copywriting Services For Every Aspect Of Your Business and Marketing Strategy

Conversion-Driven Copy For Landing Pages & Sales Funnels

These pages have a uniquely specific purpose: convert leads or sales. Period. It must be supremely effective, from headline and testimonials to benefits and checkout, in order to meet and exceed desired conversion rates and revenue goals. Start here!

Click-Worthy Ad Copy

Advertising “buy my stuff” has never worked in the history of ever. You have to engage, delight, inform, encourage, inspire, and otherwise delicately shove people to click on your ad before they ever see your products and services. That’s what we do.

Scroll-Stopping SEO Copywriting

Trying to earn better rankings on Google? They make the rules, and you have to play the SEO game. SEO-infused copywriting helps you climb the SERPs for better visibility and convert scrollers into clickers. Play the game to win!

Targeted Email Campaign Copywriting

Emails, emails, everywhere. Know why? Because they work. Especially when it’s curated to match your target market, crafted with strategic intention, and planned with a cohesive flow of thought. New open rate unlocked here!

Attention-Grabbing SMS Copy

Real-time, in-the-wild outreach that connects with consumers on the go. SMS copywriting is the quick and dirty – but dazzlingly effective – marketing and outreach channel you need to amplify ASAP. Amplify with Amplihigher.

Data-Driven Case Studies

A case study is where you prove that you can actually perform what you promise. It shows prospects that you’re the best choice for them. Studies should focus on acutely relevant information, provide context, and show off your skills. Make your case and close more sales!

Juicy Product Descriptions

When a consumer is considering an individual product, they’re the closest they’ve ever been to making a buying decision. The description must include all the detailed features and juicy benefits in order to make their decision an easy no-brainer. Make it juicy AND effective!

Scriptwriting For Optimal Engagement

This is unlike most writing forms and requires a nuanced touch backed by years of experience. Bring your concept to life and captivate viewer attention with engaging video scripts. We’ll say it so you can show it.

Engagement-Focused Social Media Copy

Post and video captions, profile bios, video descriptions, series content, calls to action, and every other element your accounts need to elevate your message above the masses on social media. It’s all right here.

Visibility-Boosting Press Releases

“As Seen In…” are coveted assets for every brand. Let’s get yours! Increase your brand visibility and establish your position of authority with a skillfully curated press release. This is the foundational element to promoting your latest and greatest with clarity, context, and enthusiasm. Make the most of your moment.

Who we serve

The Amplihigher team is equipped to work with businesses and agencies of every stage and size. From corporate organizations and multinational corporations to boutique eCommerce brands and online coaches, we’ve been there and done that, so you can trust the process.

Boutique Brands & Industry Consultants Who May or May Not Know Want To Say For Themselves Or Their Clients.

Organizations & eCommerce Stores That Require Polished & Reliable Copy Assets For High-Level Distribution.

Creative & Marketing Agencies That Need Us To Be Their Eyes & Keyboards For All Things Copy + Content.

Why Choose Amplihigher?

We’re writers, all of us. Writing isn’t just what we do, it’s who we are. (Except for our badass Operations Director, she keeps us creatives straight!). We’re the copywriting team that guru you thought you were working with hires to produce top-tier copy assets. 

Our depth of experience and breadth of skill combined with our streamlined operation is what makes us so uniquely effective. We’ve created a signature 5-step process that leverages user-friendly tech and proven pathways to make end-to-end delivery as seamless as possible. 

I first hired Amplihigher to replace an ad copywriter that was working with our ad agency clients. Before hiring Amplihigher, I had lots of requests like “please meet on zoom with my clients before writing the ad copy” and “let’s see what you come up with for this offer”…and let me tell you…

Liz and her team have exceeded all expectations!

We’ve been working together for more than a year now. We’ve had multiple client success stories since then (too many 6-figure launches to count) and have hired them for all funnel-related copywriting services for our clients.

Melissa Litchfield
Founder, CEO
Litchfield Media / Oak + Cove

Here’s The Breakdown:


Order Copy or Content

02. Amplihigher

Review + Assign The Best-Match Writer

03. Amplihigher

Write The Thing!

04. Amplihigher

Edit + Submit


Approve + Deploy

No fuss. No blank-page syndrome. No endless meeting cycles. And no regurgitated AI content. Just done-for-you, outcome-focused assets.

You’ll order your copy or content piece, and our team will review your request and assign the best-match writer. The writer will craft new, completely original, and high-quality content based on your direction and our industry expertise. Each piece is then reviewed and edited by our on-staff editorial team and delivered straight to you for your approval.

No AI. No article spinning. No copy + paste. Ever.

We conduct all edit requests under the watchful eye of our type-a and detail-oriented project managers before resubmitting. We want our customers to be ecstatically happy with every word and every asset.

Now you have your hands on your custom, made-to-order, and outcome-focused copy or content asset! What’s next on the agenda?

Elevate Your Message With Outcome-Focused Copywriting Services At Amplihigher.

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From startups to Fortune 500 companies, we are dedicated to serving business at all stages of development. We partner with creative agencies to provide actionable, strategic copy that elevates your objectives and furthers your initiatives.