SMS marketing meets consumers in real-time, wherever they are. Such a direct stream of communication has powerful implications for investing consumers in your company. Text marketing encourages your customers to travel to your site, usually incentivized by coupon codes or sales promotions. SMS’s ability to connect users with deals fast makes it extremely useful for promoting your business, or you can plan messages to maintain a strong influx of regular business.

The numbers don’t lie, text marketing is valuable for marketers and consumers alike. 75% of consumers like irregular offers sent via text. Texting during the sales process can increase your conversion by more than 100%. Text marketing has all these advantages in improving your conversion rates and sales, but there are limitations to its utility. Consumers will only want to see your messages when the text message campaign provides value, and the way you communicate with them is critical to the SMS campaign.

At Amplihigher, our copywriters have the skills to nail your SMS messaging campaign. Writing in such a limited and condensed format poses its challenges, so it is necessary to hire field experts to maximize that limited real estate on words.

What can I use SMS copy for?

Many consumers appreciate the opportunity to communicate with businesses via text rather than through a phone call. SMS messaging can encompass appointment reminders, order updates, reservation confirmations, and promotional deals.

SMS messaging opportunities run the gamut from informational to sales, but they must be concise and straightforward. Pruning your content to fit in that short 160 character limit, and meet legal standards, takes the trained eye of professional writers to get right. Amplihigher has experience creating content for hundreds of businesses in an array of different industries. We have the knowledge and skills to make your brief text messages compelling and persuasive.

We get your voice right because your tone must stay consistent. Writing in all caps, text-speak, acronyms, etc., promote an immature brand. We maintain your brand’s integrity with professional, effectual SMS copy. In such a condensed method of reaching out to your audience, nailing that call to action is essential.

We Know What Your Audiences Want

Many of your customers will click on your text message. But when they arrive, are they hooked by your content? At Amplihigher we appeal to what consumers want because that is how you retain their interest.

Giving audiences what they want involves adopting their perspective. If they buy into your SMS messaging, what is it that they want from this transaction? If you’re an eCommerce website they likely want to know about new promotions, products, or they want to receive discounts directly. Critical demographic information like location, gender, age-range, and more impact how what content we send to your audiences.

We Specialize in SMS Marketing Copy

At Amplihigher Copywriting, we have 40+ years of professional copywriting experience. We’ve written thousands of words for clients in a variety of industries. Whether your eCommerce website wants shipping updates, your online store is having a sale, or users want to enroll in appointment reminders, our professional writers have the skill sets to perfect your correspondence.

We always ensure your messages are within FCC’s guidelines. Avoiding hefty fines is in your best interest. Our multi-tiered editing process ensures that your grammar and spelling stay on point, that your tone remains professional, and your messaging stays powerful, actionable, and engaging.

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