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Copywriting for Email Marketing Campaigns

Businesses need a stellar email campaign to engage their customers. Emails meet consumers directly through their devices, often in real-time through push notifications. Your email campaign has to be consistent, high-quality, and value-driven from the subject line to the call to action.

Nailing your email campaign is essential for maximizing your ROI and keeping leads engrossed in your sales funnel. Conveying your message in an email is a daunting task due to the variety of content you’ll be pushing. Additionally, once you send that email, it cannot be edited, recalled, or scrubbed from the other side.

Amplihigher provides copywriting services for email campaigns that get opened and increase your website’s internet traffic. Amplihigher ensures subject lines and email content that demand attention and persuades audiences to take action. We guarantee engaging and error-free content with our professional copyeditors who ensure that your content is perfect before it is ever sent out.

Your email campaign will consist of targeted promotions, events, industry-related news, and other updates to keep your consumers invested. To keep them interested, attention must be paid to these critical factors:

Identification of your audience – who your audience is and what they need.

What value your email blast contributes – valuable information, a good promotion, or how your brand adds value to your customers.

Actionable and authoritative language –
user-focused content with emphasis on key points.

Engaging Your Audience

Before putting a word to paper, we get to know your consumers. Your audience is unique and has its demographic makeup that affects what they value and want from your promotional content. Businesses that market their emails towards a particular market will increase their likelihood of opening your email and following through to your website.

Your industry is a part of an ongoing community with exciting news, updates, innovations, and more that interest your audience. We keep your content fresh by following these trends and what your community wants to see. Additionally, audiences want to know who you are and why they should trust your brand. Communicating your brand’s story through email is a savvy way to forge relationships with your consumers.

We Write Riveting Subject Lines

Subject lines are likely the most significant aspect of your email. Compelling your leads to open an email is a difficult task that requires practical communication skills, starting at the first point of contact, the subject line. Nailing that subject line could be the difference between your email copy getting sent to spam, or a lead buying into your brand.

When you work with Amplihigher, we ensure attention-catching subject lines. There are plenty of good and bad practices for crafting subject lines, such as what words to use, how to leverage emotion, limited sales, and more that require special attention to language. We have the experience of squeezing out the most excellent practices for subject lines to maximize their effectiveness.

Superior Content

Your emails can take on any variation of tone, style, or intent to suit the content. Some emails you may want to advertise your social media, or your blog, whereas some might want to highlight a current sale to generate enthusiasm. No matter what your email consists of, the content always has to be superior.

We trim your emails to keep them short. Shorter articles and content drive engagement since emails are not places where people like to read long passages. Emails should maintain a professional consistency to its style, but the tone can be more playful. Emails are a great place to adapt to a conversational and friendly tone.

If you need help with your email campaign, we have some ideas. Consider how your content is contributing value to your audience. Value can be either information concerning a promotion, or a local event, or industry-insider news that intrigues them. The content above all else will enhance your bonds with customers. Additionally, here are some other crowd-pleasers for your email campaign:

Our Email Copywriting Services

Amplihigher has a combined forty years of industry experience writing copy for hundreds of different businesses. We craft compelling subject lines that grab attention and email content that persuades readers to commit to the desired action.

Whether you need consistent newsletter content, a refreshed drip campaign, or new promotional content for your new product launch, we have professional industry writers. Our multi-tiered editing process ensures that your content trades hands with multiple expert writers to perfect your content before launch. We guarantee grammatically correct, plagiarism-free, compelling content for all your email needs.

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Amplihigher is a professional copywriting agency staffed with excellent writers, editors, researchers, ghostwriters, and proofreaders.. Ready to elevate your brand’s messaging? Get in touch with our writers so we can take care of your next email campaign.

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