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Our copywriting firm is eager to help you achieve your business goals. Our team of professional writers will help communicate your message and expand your reach. Contact us today to get started!

Dynamic Copywriting Services Designed to Drive Results

Nashville, TN is commonly referred to as “Music City,” and has a dynamic blend of culture and business that makes it a desirable destination for residents and tourists alike. Music production is only one of many industries that thrives in the city. Finance, higher education, and technology reflect the diversity among the powerful business sectors that occupy the Southern city.

No matter the industry, Amplihigher is a copywriting agency that provides high-quality written content to groundbreaking businesses.

Professional Copywriters Serving Nashville, TN

At Amplihigher, we understand the value of powerful communication. When you reach audiences in an effective manner, you can boost your engagement and your business productivity.

We help businesses in Nashville do just that.

Effective communication is a game-changer. Our team of writers works tirelessly to craft impactive messages and build valuable connections for your business.

Our Copywriting Services

Our team creates effectual and actionable content for virtually every platform. Some of our content areas include:

Blog Writing that Gets Results

Blogging is an essential part of content marketing, allowing businesses to share vital information about their businesses and connect with consumers in a highly personalized way. Businesses that include blogging in their marketing plans see far higher returns than those that leave this essential tool out of the equation.

Captivating Advertorials
An advertisement designed to forge connections and identify with consumers, advertorials are an excellent way for businesses to provide in-depth information to potential customers. An advertorial allows for a comprehensive breakdown of a product or service, provided from the perspective of someone with first-hand experience and insight.

Ad Copy that Converts
It is absolutely essential that the copy in your advertisements strikes a balance between desire and necessity. The online marketplace grows more competitive by the day; if consumers aren’t clicking on your ads, they will be clicking on those of your competitors. Hiring a copywriting agency to create conversion-worthy ad copy elevates your marketing efforts.

Ebooks with Impact
The use of ebooks in marketing is skyrocketing in popularity and ROI. Ebooks are used as lead magnets, customer education late in the marketing funnel, and as a method of customer retention.

Attention-Worthy Press Releases
One of the best methods of launching a viral marketing campaign is the strategic use of press releases. Written with intention and impact, a press release captures the attention of influential media outlets.

Product Descriptions that Sell
Product descriptions must take the place of in-store purchases wherein a consumer can examine the product firsthand. There’s an old psychology trick used in retail in which a price sticker is placed on the bottom of an item, forcing the customer to pick the item up in their hands to see it. Once the item is in their hands, the chances of sale increase.

A product description is successful if it can mimic this tactic.

SEO Copywriting that Actually Ranks
Search engine optimization is largely content based. Experts say that SEO copywriting is difficult to learn and easy to mess up. Ever-changing search engine algorithms require astute assessments of industry changes in order for SEO copywriting to be effective. Our copywriting agency is extensively experienced in writing copy that is viewed favorably by Google and other search engines.

Script writing for Film, Commercials, and Instructional Videos
A highly specialized skill, script writing is the ‘meat’ of your video marketing. A script, if written by a professional script writer, complements your visuals to create a cohesive message.

Web Copy that Crushes Your Competition
Arguably one of the most essential aspects of an online marketing strategy, your web copy includes all of the written content on your website. Your home page, landing pages, service pages, and about us pages act as the first impression of your business.

Our agency copywriters specialize in creating high-impact web copy for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Social Media Copy that Boosts Your Brand
One of the most public-facing aspects of your business, social media marketing is key to your business reputation and overall online presence. Our team understands the nuances of writing social media copy that convert to clicks, sales, and repeat business.

Specialized Projects
Our copywriting services are not limited to the list above. Our team of freelance writers have extensive experience in print copy such as brochures, direct-mail marketing and billboards as well as white papers, email marketing campaigns, SMS campaigns, and more.

Leading Content Partner for Nashville Businesses

Are you ready to take your Nashville business to the next level? Our copywriting firm has the tools that you need to expand your brand and amplify your content. Our team of professional copywriters are highly skilled in all fields of communication, and our in-depth creative process allows us to produce engaging content for each of our clients.

Our process involves thorough research, informed writing, and detailed editing. These three aspects of our work combine to create the high-quality work that we are proud to produce. Every piece we write undergoes our signature two-tier editing process, so you can rest assured that our work is completely free of plagiarism and grammar errors.

We’re committed to developing content that will help you reach your audience in a professional and compelling manner.


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