Business Websites for Beginners: Getting Started

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Entering your business into the online arena couldn’t be more important in today’s climate for brick & mortar businesses and new business ventures alike. Transitioning your presence from entirely foot traffic to include online services is a smart move to grow your business, your brand, and your business’ impact on your industry. E-commerce is a valuable industry precisely because more and more businesses are moving their operations online to reach a wider audience. Do not hesitate any longer to take your business online. The longer you wait the more crowded your industry will become. Get your name out there and establish loyal and casual followers now before it becomes too crowded.

Confirm Your Desired Domain Name is Available

Don’t make the mistake of creating copy and content for your website centered around a domain that isn’t actually even available! Use a website like GoDaddy to confirm that no one has already snagged your desired domain and if you like you can go ahead and purchase that domain. However, the next step should cover the securing of your domain while beginning the preliminary stages of building your website.

Find An E-commerce Platform That Meets Your Needs

There are many platforms on the internet where you can create and maintain your website. They all have minute differences in their platforms that make them more friendly depending on your skill level related to coding, whether you want to sell products on your website, or what your professional developer is accustomed to. The websites are also relatively affordable to host your website, such as:

  • Shopify has plans ranging from $29 to $79 and $299 per month
  • Wix has Ecommerce options from $23 to $27 for the basic plans and $49+ for VIP plans
  • SquareSpace Commerce will cost you $26 or $40 per month


You don’t have to be an expert web developer to update an eye-popping website, many of the options out there, like Wix and Shopify, are built with an inexperienced user in mind. However, hiring an expert web developer should speed up the development of your website, with a more fine tuned attention to details and consistency. 

Pick A Template That Fits the Style of Your Business

Finding a template is an incredibly cheap and easy endeavor that doesn’t involve any design knowledge. If you can handcraft your website’s theme then great. If you can’t, purchase your layout from a third party website that sells website layouts. It’s important that your website is clean and organized with professional graphics. Your website building platform likely has built-in layouts that effortlessly fit the vibe of various businesses. Your theme should match the personality of your products and what will attract your patrons.

It’s important for you to build a cohesive theme around your business in order to project an air of professionalism, but theme alone will not connect with your viewers. It’s imperative that your customers understand you just as much as they understand your business. Have a professional and striking logo designed for your business by an expert designer to emblem your website. Additionally, craft an about us section that reflects your journey as a business and how your service stands out from the rest of the field. Attaching a photo to your about us section will humanize your business and build a bond between you and your customers. This mission can be outsourced to a professional copywriting agency, along with all the other content needed on your site.

Fill Your Website With Expertly Crafted Copy

Design your website with the customer in mind by making products visually appealing, shopping options on the website, and actionable product descriptions. Copywriting agencies are capable of writing eye-catching descriptions of your products that will also be picked up by search engine crawlers. Search engine optimization gurus and copywriters will fill your website with content that launches your brand to the forefront of search results. It’s important that your business and marketing plan are buttressed with an equally impressive copywriting strategy to elevate your brand and push more product out.

Decide How Your Product Will Be Shipped To Your Customer

This part may seem daunting due to all the moving parts involved in shipping procedures, such as packaging, insurance, streamlining product weights, and the cost of transporting the product. However, proper planning and estimating your costs upfront will help you narrow your shipping options for your customers. 

Your first step is to determine which shipping company you want to go through. UPS and FedEx are the standards for fast shipping, with FedEx usually costing a bit more for shipping services. USPS is your cheapest bet since it is a federal entity, and DHS is an international carrier for orders from overseas

Next, plan how you want to cover shipping expenses. Do you markup the prices of your items to include free shipping? Should you bring down the price of the shipping by pitching in on the cost with your customer? Many of your customers have likely grown accustomed to fast and free shipping, so affording these options to your customers is a particular strategy to encourage them to follow through with their purchase.

Take Your Website Live

It’s time to take your website live. You’ve planned everything out from shipping details and defining your products, and you’ve even identified quirks on your website and had them resolved. Taking your website live serves as an important merit for your business as it’s a place for PR companies, vendors, and other businesses to visit when discussing future relations. Establishing these relationships is vital for creating new channels of revenue for your business. 

Creating an eCommerce website is a fantastic strategy for growing your business, and the best time to do it is right now before the online market becomes even more saturated. Get the ball rolling now with an expertly designed website with seamless usability and riveting copy. Contacting a professional copywriting agency will elevate your business by crafting copy that will deliver actionable and results-driven content that benefits your business.