Behind the Marketing Power of Ebooks

If your company isn’t tapping into the marketing power of ebooks, you are missing out on an essential revenue stream.

Ebooks are a rapidly growing sector of the book market. In 2020 alone, it is expected that the ebook industry will reach 16.6 million dollars in revenue. With the steady rise of digital content consumption, it is only a matter of time before ebooks overtake physical books both in sales and popularity. 


The Perks of Publishing An Ebook 

Want to take your content marketing to the next level? Here are four of the perks that come with publishing an ebook for your business: 

Establishes Authority and Credibility 

As one of the longest digital content forms, publishing an ebook shows your consumers that you are dedicated to providing valuable content no matter the length or effort. Furthermore, since ebooks are much longer than blogs, social media posts, or other forms of content marketing, there is a lot more space to expand upon your knowledge and expertise related to your industry. This authority will increase customer trust, and in turn, motivate them to trust your product or service. 

Increases Email Subscribers

When distributing an ebook, many companies require consumers to provide an email address before downloading the content. This ingenious yet straightforward step provides you with a plethora of new email subscribers within your target market.

Overall Business and Content Growth

The primary goal for ebooks is to inform and educate your audience. If consumers like what they read in your ebook and appreciate how much content you provided them, they’re more likely to seek out other forms of content they may not have otherwise. This may include your blog and website, forms of content that have more calls-to-action, hyperlinks to your product or service, and other touchpoints that get consumers closer to purchasing. 

Consumer Convenience

You can find ebooks on all of the digital spaces that your target consumer is found. Consumers can digest your content on the go because of how easy it is for them to view ebooks on their phones, tablets, kindles, and laptops. PDF versions of your ebook will also allow consumers to read without the need for internet access, a perk unlike any other form of digital content marketing. 


Why Hire a Ghostwriter To Write An Ebook?

With all of the benefits that accompany writing an ebook for your company, it is important to again note how challenging it can be to write alone. There are hours of editing, research, brainstorming, and writing that go into a lengthy and complex project as an ebook. 

Hire a ghostwriter to write an ebook for your business. Trust us; it’s a no brainer for saving time, energy, and establishing better return on investment. Ghostwriters can help with many facets of the ebook journey. This includes:

  • Establishing a voice that is authoritative and consistent throughout the work.
  • Using strategic copywriting that positions your ebook above your competitor’s content. 
  • Ensuring that grammar, word choice, and editing is implemented effectively.
  • Bouncing off creative ideas during the process of outlining your ebook premise. 


Elevate Your Content Marketing with an Ebook

Writing ebooks is right in the wheelhouse of our talented copywriting team. With combined decades of experience, we can help with ebooks and a variety of copywriting needs. 

We are motivated to help with both the brainstorming and implementation of your ebook. Reach out to our team of collaborative writing professionals and let us know how our copywriting services can elevate your content’s professionalism.