4 Ways to Mobile Optimize Your Web Copy

how to optimize copy for mobile

Made-for-mobile web content drives clicks, action, and results. 

Reaching customers through their cell phones is the new frontier in digital marketing. There is no other device where you can reach customers at any time through any combination of social media posts, email blasts, and text messages.

You can not miss meeting consumers in real-time through their mobile devices. Businesses must adapt their marketing strategies to maximize communications. Emails, newsletters, social media, and web content in a mobile society must be scannable yet riveting.

Why is mobile optimized copy important?

Online audiences do not interact with mobile content in the same way they do print media. How long do you think you spend on any given email, or better yet, how often do you open promotional emails? It is essential to employ a variety of strategic mobile copywriting practices to capture your audience’s attention, such as:

  • Headings and subheadings
  • Bulleted points and numbered lists
  • Short paragraphs and concise language

The more scannable your content, the more likely you can hold your audience’s attention (and earn points with search engines). 

Here are four ways to mobile-optimize your web copy:

1. Shorter paragraphs and scannable Pages

Mobile users will not take the time to read your blog posts, emails, or web content if it is too cluttered. For instance, short paragraphs are more inviting to readers. Even an educated audience won’t read through essay length paragraphs to get to your article’s conclusion. Simple three to four sentence paragraphs are inviting for consumers of all backgrounds.

2. Headers for optimal organization

Headers break up your content into scannable chunks. Headings have value in various contexts, including academic articles, books, and marketing materials, but you can maximize their potential in your web content potential. At Amplihigher, our freelance copywriters craft engaging headings that propel readers forward on landing pages, web pages, and blog posts.

3. Strategic bullet points or numbered lists 

Strategic bulleted lists and bolding contribute to the accessibility of a web piece for readers. Bulleted points reach a limit to their usefulness, generally five bullets maximum. They are great for emphasizing key details or descriptions in a scannable list format. Bullet points and numbered lists are also more likely to show up on Google snippets.

4. Bold text for bold statements

Using bold formatting is a useful tool for drawing attention to critical aspects of your content. It amplifies keyword outreach and draws attention to key details. In other words, they are a lot like bulleted lists! By strategically optimizing your content with strategically bolding key concepts, users and search engine crawlers can quickly scan and identify your mobile content’s purpose.

We optimize your web copy for mobile

At Amplihigher copywriting agency,  our team of writers, copyeditors, and researchers are ready to take on any of your mobile copy challenges. When you contract with us, you can depend on high-quality, plagiarism-free, grammatically correct, mobile-optimized content powered by our multi-tiered editing processes.

Level-up your digital marketing with mobile-first content

Businesses across various industries trust our copywriting firm to mobile-optimize their content. Contact us and let us know how we can help you reach your mobile audience.