4 Tips for Writing Effective “Cold-Call” Emails

Avoid dead leads: tips for writing a ‘cold-call’ email that leads to a conversion

Checking your email is one of the many inescapable activities that accompany our digitized workplaces. Because of how often emails are checked, sending targeted emails is an effective marketing and sales tactic for businesses. 

In the past year alone, marketers found that emails had a 78% increase in engagement. All in all, emails can be used to generate sales leads, build partnerships, and strengthen relationships with other businesses, organizations, or individuals.

What is a “Cold-Call Email?”

A “cold-call” email is the same method of a cold-call in which you email the recipient without communicating beforehand. While it can be intimidating, conducting cold-call emails from your business to another is a smart move for creating new connections and sales. 

B2B Copywriting For Emails: Advice From Professional Writers

Our copywriting agency has found a variety of tried and true communication tactics for having better results with cold emails. Four tips for business to business “cold-call” emails include:

1. Personalize your communications

Nobody likes getting detached, mass sent emails that feel like spam. In cold emails, it is pivotal to prevent this by tailoring your messaging and approach to the individual you reach out to. This involves research to better understand who you are communicating with and what type of messaging will resonate with them best. In the email, it is important to emphasize the motives behind why you are choosing to reach out to them specifically. 

2. Write a compelling subject lines

Subject lines are the first impression that you make in an inbox. With the many emails bombarding our inboxes daily, it is easy to skim past the ones that don’t sound appealing or relevant. Thus, it is important to have a subject line that catches the eye and sparks curiosity. Furthermore, keeping the subject line short and sweet is an effective tactic, as it was shown in a study that 82% of top marketers’ subject lines utilized less than 60 characters. 

3. Stay focused

When writing a cold email, it is important to stay on track with the focus of the email to provide value for the reader. Since cold emails involve reaching out to mostly strangers or acquaintances, it is important for them not to feel as if reading the text is a waste of their time. To prevent this, stick to shorter paragraphs and quickly get to the point of your inquiry to maintain the reader’s attention and avoid pandering.

4. Follow through

To increase responses, not just opens, following through is key. Cold emails should articulate how you wish to proceed with the individual and what you hope to accomplish as the next step with them. This could look like many things, such as asking a concrete yes or no question for them to respond to or sending them specific days and times that you’d like to connect on a call or meeting. Overall, maintaining a clear call to action will help to seal the deal and boost response rates.  

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