4 Subject Line Strategies for Increasing Email Open Rates

Email Marketing:  increase your open rates with powerful subject lines

Ever meet someone that doesn’t have their own email address? Yeah, neither have I.

Email marketing is an excellent way to get your message in front of the eyes of consumers to engage with your brand. It has been found that there are around  billions of individuals using email on a daily basis, so it’s safe to say that email marketing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

Subject Lines: The Hook for Effective Email Marketing

As a copywriting firm of freelance copywriters with expertise in email marketing, we know just how correlated email open rates are with a strong, compelling subject line. Without this hook, your email is likely to find its way into the trash. Subject lines are the first point of contact that you have with your consumer, so making a good first impression is crucial for generating open rates and sales. Pay close attention to:  


Like many marketing tactics, keeping things short and simple with email strategy is a good rule of thumb. Subject lines that are succinct and to the point are more effective than drawn-out ones. This is especially the case because of how many people check their email from their mobile device, as there is much less screen space to view the entirety of a subject line (a whopping 46% of emails are opened on mobile devices!

Word Choice

You have limited space to entice a consumer to open your email. Because of this, paying attention to every word will ensure that you are making the most of your limited space. One of the best ways to increase open rates is through time-sensitive language. 

Words and phrases such as “tomorrow,” “sale ends tomorrow,” “now,” “24 hours only,” and other similar ideas create a sense of urgency to open the email before time runs out. The more motivated the reader is to open the email right as they see it, the less likely it is to be buried among other emails. However, you want to be authentic with your urgency. Authenticity trumps the hard sell, every time. 

Targeting Your Subject Line

Changing your email content depending on the type of consumer you are trying to reach is another beneficial strategy. Your subscription list may contain a multitude of segmented audiences with different thoughts, purchasing behaviors, and demographics. As a matter of fact, mail campaigns that were segmented were found to have up to a 760% revenue increase

The same tactic can be applied to the subject line. Try changing up the subject line for a new customer versus a tried and true customer, and see if there are improvements in open rates. 

A/B Testing Results 

Struggling to conclude which subject line will be the most compelling without any data to back you up? A/B testing is a wonderful tool for assisting with this process! A/B testing compares two different marketing tactics to analyze which one performed better or generated greater traffic and could be applied to testing email open rates with differing subject lines.  

We Write Marketing Emails that Get Opened

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