4 Essential Tips to Strengthen Your Text Marketing Strategy

writing tips for SMS from a copywriting agency

SMS: A New Age of Marketing Strategy

In the staggeringly digital-driven society that we live in today, it is difficult to find anyone without access to a smartphone. Because of this, communicating with our friends, family, and even our potential customers through text messaging is easier than ever before. 

SMS stands for short messaging services, or text messages. Sending text messages as a marketing strategy has a proven consumer engagement rate at an astounding 98% open rate. Furthermore, 63% of consumer respondents in a study reported that they would prefer to switch to a business that utilizes texting for communication. 

Since texting has become so popular among consumers, our copywriting agency believes that with an effective SMS writing strategy in place, you’re one text away from making your next sale! 


Compelling Writing With Limited Space: 4 Copywriting Agency Tips and Tricks

When you have a lot to say and little time to say it, our freelance copywriters recommend keeping these four ideas in mind when writing in a short form for text marketing: 

1. Get to the Point 

SMS marketing tasks you with telling a story using only 160 characters. Compared to most digital marketing platforms, this is relatively short. Cut out any fluff that isn’t necessary and makes sure that your audience gets the point of your message within the first sentence or two. To save space, you might be tempted to use abbreviations or text slang, but it’s essential to avoid these tricks to maintain a professional message and brand image. 

2. Include Helpful Links

Think of short-form writing as the hook to put your product on your consumer’s radar. Leave your audience with a link to purchase a product or link to your blog or social media platforms for viewers to further learn about the topic you mentioned over text. 

Another easy way to keep readers hooked on your messaging is by offering them a coupon or sale solely through links included in text messages. If there’s something exclusive that can’t be found on other marketing mediums, it’s much more worth their while to opt into this form of communication. 

3. Address Recipients By Name

SMS messages should include a personal touch to help mimic a similar response that a text from a friend or family member would evoke. One easy way for personalization is to insert the name of the text recipient. This doesn’t waste too much precious message space and makes the message feel less automatic or robotic. 

4. Pay Attention to Language

With only 160 characters available for sending your text message, pay attention to the words that you are using. Try your best to make each of them count by using strong language that triggers an emotion out of your audience. Similarly to emails, creating a sense of urgency and using calls-to-action in texting, such as reminding them of a sale ending that day, can prompt readers to take action in the short time it takes to read your message.


Drive Sales with Powerful SMS Copy

We are a team of freelance copywriters from all walks of life, experiences, and writing specialties. Not only can we help with your short-form copy for SMS marketing, but members of our copywriting firm can assist with pieces of varying lengths, including email marketing campaigns, blogs, web copy, advertorials, and more. 

We understand how challenging it is to articulate your message with the limited space that a text message brings. Hiring our trained professional writers to tackle this task will ensure that your business nails its SMS strategy.